11 Tips on How to Start a Blog

I wish I knew these tips on how to start a blog before I started my blogging journey. Starting a blog with the hope of earning some money is difficult, but in this post I will give you some of the best tips to start a blog in the right way.

Let’s see: when you want to start a blog you look for tutorials on YouTube and “how to” posts on Google.

There are good tutorials and “how to” posts on the internet, but you will also need tips on specific topics while you are building your blog.

Throughout these tips on how to start a blog, I will talk about the most difficult challenges that I encountered while I was building my blog, and the most difficult parts of running this blog.

Tips on how to start a blog

Let’s start with these tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 1: Choose the topic of your blog

If you want to start a blog it is because you have something to say. For that reason, choose the topic for your blog.

For example, if you like cars, having a blog about them could be too broad. You have to remember that search engines classify the content, so you have to help them find you with a good domain name.

Ok, if you like cars, maybe you’re an expert on Ferraris—that is a more niche topic that you can write about.

Also, you have to investigate if the topic of your choice has an audience. You could have a great idea for a topic, but if you don’t have an audience you will write to nobody.

This was the first of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 2: Choose the right hosting from the beginning

This is very important. A good hosting solution can help you rank high on the search engines.

I know that if you want to make money blogging you might be planning to do affiliate marketing, and that’s good, but I know that you’re taking a course or thinking of taking a course on affiliate marketing. That is good too.

What is going to happen? The instructor will do affiliate marketing while teaching the course. The instructor is going to teach you how to start a blog with a hosting solution that gives the best commission for them.

That is good for the instructor, but it may not be so good for you. Right now, the hosting providers that pay better commissions are the ones that sell shared hosting.

If you want to know what shared hosting is, you can read this post: Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting: 1 Winner.

My blog used to be on shared hosting because I trusted the instructor of the affiliate marketing course I took, but once I learned that the best choice is a cloud hosting, I regretted it.

Cloud hosting will give you faster loading times for your blog, which translates into a better user experience for your readers, and that is what search engines want.

Ok, I know that shared hosting is cheaper, but if you don’t rank on the search engines you won’t make any money.

My recommendation for a cloud hosting provider is Cloudways, because, even if you’re not tech savvy, it will be easy to set up a hosting solution.

You can read my review of Cloudways here: A Cloudways Review. 6 reasons to use the best hosting service.

This was the second of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 3: Choose the right domain name for your blog

The domain name has to reflect the topic of your blog; like I said before, search engines classify content, and if you write about Ferrari cars your domain name could be: ferraricarsblog. With a domain name like that, the search engines will know the topic of your blog.

My recommendation for you is that you take time to choose your domain name, and not rush.

Also, think about your domain name like a brand. Your domain name could become a famous brand in the future.

I recommend you buy a domain name from Namecheap. You can read my review here: The best place to buy a cheap domain name.

This was the third of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 4: Write 500 words per day

Maybe you’ve read that the longer the post, the better, and that is true. Search engines love longer posts.

But, how do you write a long post without stress?

My tip for you is to write 500 words per day. I do this to avoid stressing about writing 2500 words in just one day.

While you’re writing a new post, focus on writing 500 words per day. Segment your post into five sections.

You’ll see that you’ll have a long post in no time, and all stress free.

What I normally do:

First, on the weekend I search for the keyword of the post.

Once I have the keyword, I do a little investigation about the topic and outline the structure of the post.

And on Monday, I write the first 500 words.

Writing 500 words per day allows me to work both my 9 to 5 job and on my blog without stress.

This was the fourth of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 5: Enjoy writing

This is a very important tip; you have to enjoy writing your post. Writing for your blog doesn’t have to be a job; it can be something you enjoy doing.

For that reason, your topic has to be something you love. In my case, I love technology and I love writing about it.

I enjoy testing new hosting providers and writing reviews about them. It doesn’t feel like a job at all.

This was the fifth of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 6: Be original

When the moment comes to write a new post for your blog, don’t copy anyone else; just write the way you like it.

The more posts you write, the better you will get, but above all, you will develop your own writing voice.

Be original with the way you approach and write every post. If you try to copy your favorite blogger you won’t be original, and you have to remember that search engines love original content.

This was the sixth of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 7: Be honest

I know that you want to get commissions from the products you recommend, and that can lead to saying that every product is the best thing in the world.

Try to recommend products that you can test before you write a review.

Take screenshots of the product while you test it, and be honest about your findings. Above all, be honest with your pros and cons.

Remember that an honest review will make people trust you, and that is what you need to become a successful blogger.

This was the seventh of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 8: Set up Google Analytics

You need to measure the stats of your blog, and a good tool to do that with is Google Analytics. Set up Google Analytics from day one so you can measure everything in your blog.

Google Analytics is free, and you will find tons of tutorials on YouTube from beginner to advanced.

What you need to measure with Google Analytics is the engagement people have with your blog.

This was the eight of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 9: Set up a professional branded email address

Once you have bought your domain name, set up your branded email address.

This will help you if someone wants to approach you for a collaboration or a deal, and it’ll be useful when setting up a professional newsletter.

Trust me, a professional branded email is better than a gmail.com.

This was the nineth of the 10 tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 10: Build your email list from the beginning

Having an email list is very important for a blogger, and for that reason you need to build your email list from the first day.

You might say that it’s better to have a large following on social media, but you don’t own those social media platforms; you’ll own your email list.

An email list will help you to stay in touch with your readers, and if you want to do a promotion on social media, it will help you to create a lookalike audience.

This was the fifth of the tenth tips on how to start a blog.

Tip 11: Hire a proofreader

This tip is very important. I know you can write a good post, but a proofreader will help improve it. Plus, your post will be better without grammatical errors.

I know that hiring a proofreader costs money, but it is money well spent.

This was the eleventh of the 11 tips on how to start a blog.

Bonus Tip

Social media is all about videos right now. If you’re going to use social media to promote your blog in an organic way, you will need to create videos.

My recommendation is that you learn how to shoot videos with your cell phone, and also learn how to edit them.

That will give you an advantage, and will help differentiate you from other bloggers.

I would have liked to know these tips on how to start a blog before my blogging journey, but now I can share them with you.

Apply these tips on how to start a blog and you will see a diference.