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I want to be a blogger but I don’t know how—this is what I always hear from people. So, this post is all about tips for beginner bloggers.

When I started blogging I already had 12 years of experience in digital marketing, but I had no experience as a writer.

I was totally lost about how to start blogging. At that point, I was thinking of starting a blog on Blogger or WordPress.com, but I wasn’t sure.

Sadly, none of my friends were bloggers, and so I didn’t know who to ask for guidance.

My goal was, and still is, to be a professional blogger. In other words, I want to earn money from blogging to be independent. That means I need to earn money with affiliate links and Google AdSense.

For me, a good place to start looking for guidance as a novice was YouTube.

I watched hundreds of videos about blogging. Some were really good videos, but they weren’t what I was looking for.

By watching these videos I discovered affiliate marketing—this was a new concept for me which blew my mind.

Up to that point, I’d thought you could only make money blogging by placing ads on your posts, but this gave me a new method.

Now, looking back, I don’t know whether stopping watching videos about blogging and starting to watch videos about affiliate marketing was a good idea.


It’s because you can do affiliate marketing without a blog, and you can be a professional blogger without doing affiliate marketing.

But at that moment I wanted to do both! That was my mistake.

I was so eager to do affiliate marketing and be a blogger that I purchased an affiliate marketing course.

The first part of the course was about how to start a blog.

I was happy; I was going to have my first blog in just a few minutes.

But I wish I’d known about the following hints; they would have made my life so much easier.

Blogging tips and tricks

From all my experience of blogging, I want to share with you these five blogging pieces of guidance that will help you improve your blogging journey or start your own blog.

Tip 1 for your blog: Never blindly trust your affiliate marketing instructor, or any course instructor.

The reason for this is that they are likely to be affiliate marketers themselves, and what they recommend will be the affiliate marketing products they are being paid to promote.

That is the truth.

If you are going to buy a course about blogging, always research any product the instructor recommends.

This is because there will be companies that aren’t so good, but that will pay a very good commission for affiliate marketers to promote their products.

I know this tip isn’t so much to do with blogging but I wanted to warn you.

If you download my free ebook about blogging, I always recommend what I personally use for my blog. Yes, it still has affiliate links, but I actually use the products I recommend.

raul the technology savvy five tips for beginners bloggers instructor

Tip 2 for your blog: Don’t buy a shared hosting solution. Always choose a cloud hosting solution.

This is one of the best blogging pieces of suggestion that you need to consider.

The reason for this is that Google is now all about speed, and a cloud hosting solution can give your blog a fast loading speed.

If you want to know the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting you can read this post: Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting: 1 winner.

Ok, I’m sure that if you’ve bought an affiliate marketing course like me, or a blogging course, the instructor will recommend a shared hosting solution.

Why? The reality is that the companies behind shared hosting solutions give the best commissions for affiliate marketers.

That is the truth.

So, it’s a good business idea to create a course and make an instructional video about a shared hosting solution.

But the reality is that a shared hosting solution won’t give you a fast loading time.

So, if you’re looking for suggestion as a novice blogger, make searching for a good hosting solution a top priority.

Tip 3 for your blog: Be patient while writing blog posts

If you’re looking for blogging suggestion for beginners, you won’t typically find any hints about being patient.

Being patient is important because, as a novice, you’ll want visitors and traffic immediately.

But the reality is that those metrics take time to achieve.

Not being patient can lead to errors and to doing things that you will regret later.

For example, I was eager to have visitors and traffic right away.

For that reason I wrote my first ten posts and started looking for information about how to do search engine optimization for those posts.

While I was reading about SEO, I also read about domain authority, and how it is important to rank high on the search engines.

But what I didn’t know was that domain authority isn’t an official metric for the search engines. It’s a metric that Moz, a company which makes SEO tools, developed.

I was on Fiverr looking for an SEO expert when I read many ads about increasing domain authority.

In case you didn’t know, you get more domain authority when you upload content to your blog regularly, when you get backlinks, or when you keep the domain name of your blog for many years.

But I didn’t think about that; I wanted more domain authority right away.

I ended up buying a service to increase domain authority, and I must say that at the beginning it worked, as I got more traffic.

But then in December 2020 the Core Update for Google happened, and I got punished for increasing my domain authority. All my traffic disappeared, and was close to zero.

I could never recover from that.

For that reason, my recommendation is to be patient.

I know that you want to have good metrics, but all will come with time.

Tip 4 for your blog: Write at least one blog post per week

At the beginning of your blogging journey you need to write at least one blog post per week.

There are two reasons for this:

  • You need to develop a habit of writing.
  • You need to find your writing style, and your voice.
raul the technology savvy five tips for beginners bloggers writing

Developing the habit of writing

You’ll most likely write your first blog post with all your heart, and that’s great, but what about the second? And the third?

If you don’t develop a writing habit, you’ll find it harder and harder to write each blog post.

That is the reason why there are so many blogs with just one or two articles.

I am going to give you two suggestions that will help you develop the habit of writing:

  • Find your keyword for your article during the weekend.
  • Write 500 words per day.

During the weekend I don’t have the stress of my 9 to 5 job, so I’m in a relaxed mood to think about the topic of my next post, and do the job of finding the right keyword.

Finding the right keyword for the next article is a hard job, and sometimes I have to change the topic of the post if I find a keyword that is easy to rank and has a good number of monthly searches.

Then, during the week, I write 500 words per day. In that way I don’t feel stressed about writing, and I can be more relaxed while writing the new post.

If I write 500 words per day, by Friday I’ll have a blog post of 2500 words, and I’ll send it to my proofreader for the final touches.

That is how I developed my writing habit.

And yes, if you want to be a professional blogger you will need a proofreader.

And having a proofreader will help you to…

Find your writing style, and your voice.

Having a writing habit will help you find your writing style.

In this post about blogging suggestions, I’ll tell you that my way of writing is very different now to how it used to be.

I recently read my first post and thought Wow, who is that blogger?

But you need to have a starting point.

The more you write, the better you will be.

Also, having a proofreader will help you find your writing style and your voice.


After I finished my first ten posts, besides looking for an SEO professional, I was also looking for someone who could correct my grammar mistakes, as English isn’t my first language.

On Fiverr, I found a lady from England who, besides correcting my grammar mistakes, also helps me with my style by giving me suggestions.

I noticed that I improved my writing skills, and I even got published by Better Marketing, a Medium publication.

It’s difficult to publish an article there, but I achieved it on my second try.

Here is the article: Digital Marketing for Startups: How to Start Making Sales When Nobody Knows About You.

What I want to say in this blog post is: Write!

If you want to be a professional blogger, then write! There is no other way.

Tip 5 for your blog: Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Yes, you need to understand and learn the basics of SEO if you want to be a successful blogger.

Understanding SEO is important, because if you research it and understand how the search engines work, you will be able to get organic traffic from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

I have an SEO tutorial for beginners. To start your research, here is the link: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Beginners, but let me tell you about the basics now.

What search engines want right now is good content. If they have good content to show people when they search online, that will make them stay longer, and if people stay longer there’s a higher chance they will see ads.

At this point you have to understand that all of the search engines are a business, and as a business they want to make money.

For that reason you need to write good quality content that helps people, because if your content is of a low quality then it will not be indexed by the search engines.

Also, if your content doesn’t rank on the search engines, you need to understand why. It may be that your keyword is too competitive, or your content is seen as weak in the “eyes” of the search engines.

You will only learn these things by doing and by reading about SEO.

By learning about SEO, you will learn how to promote your blog using other tools besides social media.

For example, I told you before that I published an article on Medium. This is just a promotion for my blog—I don’t want to be a blogger on Medium. I have this blog to be a blogger, but that article on Medium has a link to my blog, which is a good opportunity to drive traffic.

Getting links to your blog is important; it’s a way of saying to the search engines that your blog has a good reputation and is popular.

For that reason I am not only promoting my blog on Medium. I am also very active on Quora and Reddit, where I answer questions with links to my blog.

I learned that by doing SEO.

raul the technology savvy five tips for beginners bloggers SEO

Extra advice for beginners

The five guidelines I have just given you are the main ones that you need to apply right now, but there are some extra guidelines that I want to share with you.

Focus on your niche

If your blog is about cars, then just write about cars. Don’t write about motorcycles.

The reason for this is that the search engines need to know if your blog is a valuable resource in one area.

Think of search engines like librarians; they have to classify your content, so if you’re not focused on your niche, they won’t know where to classify your content.

Create content worth referencing

If you have a blog, it’s because you are an expert in a particular field. For that reason, when you write a new post, you have to do it in a way that solves a problem or helps someone.

In that way your content will be referenced, or other bloggers will cite it in their posts.

That is why you need to research before writing for every single post, because you need to create valuable information that solves people’s problems.

The more your post is cited, the more the search engines will push it to the top of the search results.

Long blog posts or short blog posts?

Ok, now you have great advising to follow, and maybe you have this question in mind: Do I have to write a long or a short blog article?

Well, the reality is that Google loves an article with at least 2500 words in it, but I’ve seen short posts ranking in high positions.

Like I’ve told you in this article about blogging tips, you need to develop a writing habit, and you also need to develop a practice of researching blog posts in order to write great pieces of content.

So, a good blogging tip is that, no matter how many words your article has, write a great piece of content that will be good for you and for your blog.

Do I need social media to promote my WordPress blog?

Yes, you do. One of the great blogging great advising I can give you is to promote your blog everywhere you can, online and offline.

By promoting your blog on social media, people can communicate with you and give you blog post ideas that you can transform into articles.

Another benefit of promoting your blog on social media is that you can write blog posts with a focus on advertising your blog.

Another great blogging tip is that promoting your WordPress blog on social media will give your blog post a boost to rank on the search engines.

So, the more blog posts you promote on social media, the higher your chances are of ranking your content on the search engines. That is why this great advising is one of the great blogging advising.

Conclusions on the 5 advice for Beginner Bloggers

These are five recommendations that can change your way of thinking about blogging, or can improve your blogging skills.

Like I always say: Nothing is written in stone.

The criteria for SEO metrics could change tomorrow, and your strategy could become obsolete. Also, what you think you know about social media could change in a minute.

But these novice great advising are a help for you to focus on your blogging career.

Like I said before, focus on developing your writing habit.

Once you have a habit of blogging and a habit of researching before writing a new post, the other habits, like searching for new keywords or building links to promote your blog, will come.

But the first thing is to develop a habit.

Because then you can write great articles for your blog, or blogs. There are people who started with just one blog, and now they have five or six blogs and are making money.

But you can only have more than two blogs if you have a habit of writing.

Having blogs is an important responsibility because maintaining just one blog is a big task, but maintaining more blogs will take up more of your time.

Having blogs on WordPress can help. Creating content on a content management system (CMS) like WordPress will help you if you want to have blogs in different niches.

The other important takeaway of these five guidelines is to learn about SEO, and this is one thing you absolutely need to do.

SEO and blogging come hand in hand. If you want to make money blogging then you have to know about SEO.

If you don’t want to do SEO by yourself you can hire someone to help you, but you still need to learn so you’re aware of what the other person is doing, and can have an opinion on their strategies for your blog.

The only ways for you to learn SEO are to create content and, for me personally, to have your blog on WordPress.

The more content you have to rank on the search engines, the more you will learn about SEO.

Also, doing SEO on WordPress is easier. One of my SEO instructors still says that WordPress is the only CMS that is SEO friendly.

If you need more blogging tips to write a blog post with great content or if you have a questions about blog posts add or blog posts research, please let me know in the comments.

Please if you need more blogging tips just write a comment I can give you more blogging tips, and also I can write more blogging tips for beginners or just one more blogging tip for beginners.

The only way to be good in this is to write blog posts. Writing more blog posts is the way. Please write more blog posts.