8 Strategies for Facebook Marketing

In this post I am going to show you the best strategies for Facebook marketing. This social network is not dead, and can still be a powerful tool for your business, brand or your entrepreneurship.

I know you’ve seen news that Facebook has low organic reach, that Facebook is not good for your business anymore, and now you might be wondering if it is still worth having a fan page?

Let me tell you that the strategies for Facebook marketing which I’m going to show you can help you to get organic reach and beat the algorithm.

Why do I always talk about an algorithm?

It’s because every social media platform has an algorithm that chooses what to show you in your feed and every time you search.

For you to implement these strategies for Facebook marketing, you need to know how the algorithm works.

Believe it or not, people search for businesses and content on Facebook. This is the reason why it’s still important to have a Facebook fan page for your business or brand, and to have content on it.

Also, Facebook sometimes shows you content in your feed that you might be interested in—that is the algorithm working.

Facebook is always working to find out more about you and show you new content, all with the goal of getting you to spend more time on the social platform.

If you create content for your fan page, the algorithm will start looking for an audience for it.

So the only way for the algorithm to know you well is to create content constantly, and this content has to be targeted at an audience.

Practically, you have to teach the algorithm what your business is about, and what kind of audience you are trying to reach.

So to create good strategies for Facebook marketing, you have to work with the algorithm.

For example, I like to watch wrestling, and I follow some fan pages about it. From time to time Facebook recommends news about wrestling from other fan pages that I don’t follow, but Facebook knows that I’m going to read that news.

That is the power of the algorithm, and you need it to favor you so your strategies for Facebook marketing will be successful.

Why is Facebook’s goal to get you to spend time on it?

It’s because if you stay on Facebook they can show you more advertising, and that’s how they make money.

So if your strategies for Facebook marketing help people stay on the platform for longer, you will have more organic reach because the algorithm will like it.

the technology savvy 8 Strategies for Facebook Marketing algorithm

How does the Facebook algorithm work?

Well, the reality is that nobody knows, but after a little investigation, this is more or less how the News Feed works.

First, Facebook collects all the information it has to show you, gathered from your friends and from the fan pages you follow.

Then the Facebook algorithm uses the signals. The signals are indicators that the algorithm uses to know what to show you.

Some of the signals are:

  • People sharing a link over Messenger
  • Commenting on or liking a person’s photo or status updates
  • Multiple replies to a status update or photo = more likely to see it again
  • Engagement with publisher content posted via friends and messenger shares
  • Replies to comments from a video.

I think the Facebook algorithm has more signals, but those are the ones that were made public.

After it processes all the information Facebook has to show you through the signals,the algorithm then decides what to show you, according to your preferences and past behaviors on the platform.

At this point, you need to know that Facebook collects information about us every day. Every photo, post, or click you make on the platform is data for Facebook, and that data is used by the algorithm to predict what content to show you.

I am not 100% sure, but the final step is that the algorithm ranks the content that it’s going to show you from the most relevant to the least relevant.

It is logical that Facebook prioritizes the posts your friends make, because the goal of the algorithm is that you stay on the platform for a long time, so they can show you advertisements.

The Business of Facebook: Advertising

According to Statista in 2020, Facebook’s advertising revenue worldwide amounted to 84.2 billion U.S. dollars.

The Facebook advertising machine is strong, because Facebook has a lot of information about us, so an advertiser can perfectly target its ads.

And this doesn’t just happen on Facebook; an advertiser can also target its ads on Instagram.

For that reason, it’s important to Facebook that people spend time on the platform, and don’t leave the site.

If people leave Facebook for another social platform, they could lose a large amount of money.

That’s why Facebook is now trying to be a platform for live streaming. Facebook wants to compete against Twitch and YouTube.

This is because a live streaming of League of Legends, for example, is about four hours—that is a lot of time to display advertisements.

Also, for this reason, videos have more organic reach than a photo. Facebook loves long videos because they can show more advertisements.

Now, with these concepts mentioned above explained more clearly, let’s talk about strategies for Facebook marketing.

the technology savvy 8 Strategies for Facebook Marketing advertising

Strategies for Facebook marketing that will help your business

Some of the strategies for Facebook marketing that I am currently using in my job are based on this post on Facebook from 2018: Bringing People Closer Together. That was the post where they let us know about the algorithm change.

In that post, Adam Mosseri, the current CEO of Instagram and the former head of Facebook’s News Feed, said something important:

Because space in News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we’ll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.”

Ok, you might be saying that publishers and businesses will be doomed by the new algorithm and that you will have to pay Facebook Ads to show your content.

Well, that is not true; if the algorithm changes you have to adapt your strategies for Facebook marketing.

In that post, Mosseri also says:

Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in the News Feed. For example, live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook – in fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos. Many creators who post videos on Facebook prompt discussion among their followers.”

With that in mind, let me show you the best strategies for Facebook marketing.

the technology savvy 8 Strategies for Facebook Marketing strategies

Create shareable content, or in other words, create content that wows

The content you create must impact your audience; they have to feel something, good or bad.

Why? Because you need a reaction from the audience. A reaction from the audience can translate into a like, a comment, or a share.

What you don’t need is indifference from the audience.

Let me show you why you need a reaction, good or bad. It was 2011 when Rebecca Black, a regular high school student, launched the music video “Friday” on YouTube. In a couple of days, the video had a million views, but it is also the video with more dislikes than likes on the platform.

That video made Rebecca famous? Yes. Why? Because the video was so badly produced that it makes you feel something, good or bad.

The video is shareable, it’s meme-able. The lyrics are so naive and goofy but catchy.

In other words, the video is perfect for the internet.

If you are going to write a blog post, it has to be informative. The reader needs to feel the need to share it with their community.

If people share your content, it could have the potential to be viral.

That is why you need to create good content to be successful with your strategies for Facebook marketing.

Every post you publish should matter

Until recently, I recommended that you should only publish one post per day on Facebook because of the organic reach. I was wrong.

If your content is good, you will have reach on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if it’s the fifth post of the day.

If you publish five posts per day and each post has likes, comments and shares, that post will get organic reach on Facebook.

That’s the reason why every post you publish should matter.

Don’t publish on Facebook just because you have to. You have to work on every post, think about every post, love every post.

Think about your post going viral to get you to focus on your strategies for Facebook marketing.

Live videos

Yes, Facebook loves live videos. They think it’s the perfect tool to generate debate and interactions, and that is the best way you have to get closer to your audience.

Facebook wants a piece of the livestream world.

Twitch and YouTube lead this livestream world, but Facebook wants to be the leader.

And what can Facebook do to be the leader?

Give organic reach to live videos.

Jump on the wagon. Don’t be shy. Start doing live videos.

There are tons of videos of how to do it on YouTube.

Your strategies for Facebook marketing should include live videos so you can connect with your followers, but remember to be regular with your streaming.

Do not use clickbait

Facebook hates clickbait. They always recommend avoiding the use of clickbait. Just write good copy to catch your audience’s attention.

I know it is tempting to use clickbait to promote your post, but it would harm your account in the eyes of the algorithm.

To be successful with your strategies for Facebook marketing you need to avoid clickbait, and the Facebook algorithm will favor you.

Videos should be your main content

Yes, almost everything is about videos right now for content creators, and Facebook knows it. That’s why this tip should be a cornerstone of your strategies for Facebook marketing.

Facebook wants to compete with YouTube. For that reason, it’s given more organic reach to video content.

When you upload a video to Facebook, they recommend that the video has to be at least three minutes long, and remember that they have to place advertisements on the videos.

You can say, ok, I just copy and paste the link of my YouTube video to Facebook. That is a bad idea. Facebook wants you to upload your video to the platform.

According to Facebook, these are the main things that they consider when pushing a video on the platform:

  • Loyalty and intent
  • Video and viewing durations
  • Originality

In detail:

Loyalty and intent: If the video has returning visitors, it’s good in the eyes of the algorithm and so it will have more reach.

Video and viewing durations: The video needs to have an average of one minute of viewing duration, in order to have good organic reach. If your video complies with this and is more than three minutes long, it is perfect for Facebook.

Originality: Facebook wants original content. If you upload the same video on Facebook and YouTube, the platform will know it and will not give you organic reach.

So what can you do?

Maybe you were thinking of reposting your YouTube video on Facebook, but now you know that it won’t be good.

What you can do is make a video summary of your main video on YouTube—just remember that the video has to be at least three minutes long.

But don’t make the mistake of saying this in the video: “If you want to know more about this topic, visit my YouTube channel.”

Instead, say this: “If you want to know more about this topic, visit my blog.” And in your blog you can have your YouTube video.

I know it’s work, but remember that social media is time consuming.

Being a content creator is not easy.

Reply to all your comments

Yes, you have to reply to comments from your audience. In this way, Facebook will know that you care about them.

Also, if you have more comments, the algorithm will see it as information that what you published is good.

Replying to comments also helps to build your digital brand. If a person who doesn’t know your brand sees that you reply to all the comments, it will encourage that person to follow your brand and to leave a comment.

That is the reason why all community managers spend more time replying to comments than posting or creating new content.

You have to think like a fan here. If you write a comment to your favorite artist and that artist replies to it, how do you feel? Good, right? It’s the same here, the same feeling.

No matter what strategies you use for Facebook marketing, you will have to reply to comments from your followers to be successful on the platform.

Timing is everything

Timing is everything. At the moment, when you post content on your Facebook fan page,

the insight on the fan page will tell you the time of day when your followers are likely to be on the platform.

This is helpful for knowing when to post a blog post, a photo, or a video.

From experience, my best times to post are 12 p.m., 6 p.m., and 8 p.m.

You need to know the right time to post; it’s a useful strategy for Facebook marketing.

Facebook ads

Only do this if you can spend at least $15 per day on the platform. Why $15? Because with that amount of money, you will have good reach on the advertising platform of Facebook.

You can put in less money, but that isn’t as good.

Sometimes the strategies for Facebook marketing can take into consideration the advertising on the platform to get more reach.

Conclusions for strategies for Facebook marketing

If you want to implement different strategies for Facebook marketing, think about the algorithm.

I know it isn’t good, but it’s the only way to get organic reach.

Also, remember that the content for your strategies for Facebook marketing has to be original; do not repurpose the same video from your YouTube channel for Facebook.

The strategies for Facebook marketing that you will create for your business or brand have to be powerful. For that reason, videos and live streaming have to be mandatory.

At this moment, strategies for Facebook marketing without video will not be successful.

You can find more strategies for Facebook marketing on other posts, but I’m sure these are the best ones for your business or brand.

Create strategies for Facebook marketing that you think can help your business on the long term that means to get leads and sales every month to increase your revenues for your business.

Just think of one good strategy and stick to it now and then creates more strategies for Facebook marketing.