7 Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs. A must read for an Entrepreneur

I want to share these social media tips for entrepreneurs with you because, beside the evolution of social media, these tips will help you to grow your business or your brand.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. The reason? You have to do all the hard work by yourself. You have to talk to clients and at the same time solve your own problems.

But the hard part is the promotion of your business or your brand. If nobody knows you, nobody will buy your product or your service.

Social media is a great tool to promote your business. If you have a budget you can run a paid social media campaign to get leads quickly, but if you do not get sales those funds will run out.

For that reason, having a strategy to get organic reach using social media will get you a good amount of leads every month.

Also, it is very important to know how many people use every social media platform, that is why I recommend to read this post: Surprising Social Media Statistics – The 2022 edition by Broadband Search.

If you want to know more about having a strategy you can read: How to improve your social media strategy.

That article is a blueprint that you can follow to start using social media strategically, to do that you will need to know social media statics, this article 10 Social Media Statistics You Need to Know in 2022 can help you.

The tips that I will share with you right now are a complement to your strategy, and are tips that you can use in the years to come.

Why? Because, like in life, some things never change.

For example, ever since humans appeared on this planet, they’ve needed to create a group to face adversity.

Can you imagine just one person chasing a mammoth? Most likely that would end in death. But if that person created a pack, their chances of hunting a mammoth increase.

The same thing is happening right now. If you create a business alone, your chances of making a sale are low, but not impossible.

However, if you start creating a league of people your chances of making a sale increase.

Social media channels help to create a league of people.

That’s why I told you that some things in life never change.

the technology savvy 7 Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs
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7 Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

Let’s see what are the best advices to create social media engagement

Right now is all about video on the social media platforms

Yes, making videos is very important right now. TikTok, a popular social media, changed the social media landscape by making video an important part of a strategy.

The impact of TikTok was so big the CEO of Instagram said that the social media channel is changing from a photo sharing platform to a video platform.

Pinterest is also making a switch to video with Idea Pins. You get more organic reach with an Idea Pin right now than with a normal pin.

So, my recommendation is that you create social media content with video that solves a problem for your audience.

It is not hard to make videos, and you do not need an expensive camera. You can record a video with your smartphone and edit it in minutes, it will be a plus for your Social Media Marketing.

the technology savvy is all about videos

Generate conversation and engagement with your Social Media content

In this post I want to say something: Bring Back The Social to Social Media!

A common mistake that people make, including myself, is to generate content but not be social on the social media channel, that is a mistake for your Social Media Marketing.

For example, if you are trying hard to be an influencer on Instagram, be social on that social media platform.

You can comment on other people’s content, but if you are going to comment on other people’s posts, remember to bring value, and not just comment: “Hey, good post”.

What could happen if you generate conversation with your comments on other people’s posts?

The only thing that can happen is that you will get followers—people will be interested in what you have to say.

So, do not think that making comments on other posts is a waste of your time. If you do this strategically you will have more followers on your social media accounts.

If you want to learn more about this you can watch this video by GaryVee: What is the $1.80 Instagram Strategy for Follower Growth?

the technology savvy Generate conversation and engagement

How to be Social?

Right now any social media marketing strategy requires that you have to be Social. For example, if you are an influencer but you are not replying to your followers comments you are doing something wrong. 

Social tools like HootSuite or Buffer help you to be social for your target audience. 

The mistake that many marketing people are influencers make is that they forgot to have texts ready to be used to answer comments.

Ok I do not mean that being social is to be like a robot answering comments.

You can have for example this text:

“Hey (name of the person) Thank you for your comments. It means a lot to me that you made time to comment on my post. Please do not forget to subscribe or follow me”

Your reply text must be short, because it is easy to copy and paste and make small changes.

Your reply text must be short, specially for social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.

In Facebook you can make replies a little longer and it is because Facebook now is more like a business site, the audience in Facebook is older than the other social networks so that audience want to answer more in detail.

Lets continue this article.

Create a network of relationships using Social Media Marketing

Following with the idea of bringing back the social to social media,you can use the social media platforms to create a group of relationships, that will be a plus for your Social Media Marketing.

Like I said before, one person cannot kill a mammoth but a group of people can.

It is the same with business. If you are an entrepreneur with a product or service to promote, the best way to do it is with a league of relationships.

You can use social media platforms to do it.

For example, if you follow the big names of your industry on social media, you can start to leave good comments on their posts and later you can send a DM to them.

That formula turned a young entrepreneur into a millionaire: Man, 25, who grew up in poverty and slept on the streets as a child becomes a multi-millionaire in just TWO YEARS through his Instagram marketing agency – and insists anyone can do the same.

The secret to doing that is having a good league of relationships. You can do it by using social media and by bringing value to your comments.

Facebook is still a good site to be social and do marketing. How?

By creating Facebook groups and to target the right people to invite to the group.

In the Facebook group you can engage with your target audience with videos, photos and be social with them by answering questions and comments.

the technology savvy network

Pick the right social media channel for you is key for your Social Media Strategy

Don’t be on every social media channel at the beginning. Creating content for social media is time consuming.

Choose the right platform for you, for your brand, and for your business.

To do that you need to investigate your market and above all know your ideal customer.

Be where the referents of your niche are. Remember that you have to create a group of relationships too.

If you like to make videos, a good option now is TikTok and Instagram.

If you want to focus on traffic for your business, Pinterest is now the best option.

As you can see, you have plenty of options to promote your business, brand, or services on the social media landscape. You only need to choose the social media channel wisely.

Optimize your profile on every social media platform

This is very important. Your profile means everything on social media platforms. In your profile you show who you are and what your niche is.

For example, on Pinterest your profile must be optimized with the right keywords to be found.

Optimizing my profile on Pinterest was difficult because I had to choose the right keywords to help me be found on the platform, when someone searches about social media or blogging.

No matter where your business is, where your brand is, you should always put a link to your website or landing page.

That is a tactic to get leads and sales.

Bring value to your audience

A common mistake on social media is to just promote the business and brand. That is a good start, but as an entrepreneur you also have to bring value to your audience.

Remember that people come to you because they have a problem and they want to solve it.

For that reason, create content that solves the problems potential clients have. Maybe that solution does not involve the use of your product or service, but with this content you are continuously working on your brand.

My recommendation is that you divide your content between brand content and solution content.

Be authentic

Social media is all about authenticity—do not try to be something you are not.

Please do not follow the words of the Green Arrow on social media: I must become someone else, I must become something else.

Just be yourself. People love authenticity.

If you are going to shoot a video, just be you. That will be engaging to your audience and will give you more opportunity to get sales and leads.

Final tips that every entrepreneur should read.

I know that as an entrepreneur you want to get sales and leads, but creating a brand on Social Media takes time.

These pieces of advice for entrepreneurs have the goal of helping you to create a strong brand that gets you sales and leads.

I have seen many entrepreneurs close their business because they did not get sales.

That happens mostly because they didn’t work on creating a brand in order to improve sales.

I have seen many entrepreneurs work hard at promoting their business or product and they have sales, but in the end the brand is what sells the most. Work your brand on Social Media.

Please focus on getting a strong league of relationships and shooting videos on Social Media. Trust me, that will be very helpful for you.

Honestly, I did not believe in this, but a strong network helped me when I did not have a job.

If I did not have a network to reach out to when I was unemployed, maybe that time without a paycheck would have been longer than it was. Social Media was useful.

An entrepreneurial networking of contacts is vital for entrepreneurs that is why social media is important. It helps to get sales and leads and that is what you need to be successful.