Social Media Marketing tips for 2022

I want to give you these Social Media Marketing tips for 2022 because this year will be a game changer for entrepreneurs and for the business. You need to be prepared for changes.

I have been in the digital marketing industry for around 12 years and trust me; I have never been so excited about a new year because the digital marketing industry as we know can change.

So, the digital marketing landscape will change and that’s the reason why your business or service must take advantage of those changes.

The year 2022 must be a good year for you as an entrepreneur and for that I will give you this Social Media Marketing tips for 2022.

The best social media marketing tips for 2022

Let me tell you this in this post about social media marketing tips for 2022. The Social Media tools like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Tik-Tok can change but your business strategy may not.

Why? Because your business strategy must not rely on tools. Your business strategy should work with or without social media, that is the reason I have a post about the digital marketing ecosystem where I explain why your blog or your web page is the most important thing of your digital marketing strategy.

Let me start with the social media marketing tips:

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SMART Goals. A great social media marketing tips

Maybe for you it will sound repetitive but having SMART Goals for your, your business or services is very important.

Why? Because it is very important for you to differentiate a Goal from a Wish.

Let me explain the difference with an example in this post about social media marketing tips:

Wish: I want more visits in my blog.

Goal: I want to increase the visits in my blog by 30% in six months.

There is a big difference between a Goal from a Wish.

My recommendation for you is write SMART Goals

Your goals must be:






smart goals

Your SMART Goals must help you to measure your progress and also must help you to adjust your strategy in case you are not achieving your goals.

Is important that your goals have to be realistic, achievable and attached to your business plan.

I am saying this because not so long ago I read a business plan and one goal was I want 10 000 fans on Facebook.

My question was Why? Why does anybody need 10 000 fans on Facebook?

Those kinds of goals are just for vanity and not important to your business.

Video will be a key element in a Social Media Strategy.

social media video

You may have read news about  Tik-Tok vs Instagram. Both social media platforms are in a war for users.

Tik-Tok gained popularity during the Pandemic and Instagram was jealous about that. For that reason Instagram released Reels, a tactic to gain popularity again. 

Why does this happen? Why did  the President of the United States of America make problems with Tik-Tok?

Because video is and will be very popular. People create video to connect with their audience and also the brands want to have presence in this video wave.

If more people create videos the video platforms will have to somehow monetize the videos to continue incentivizing the creation of more videos.

 So if you have a blog and also you want to be a video creator the year 2022 is THE year.

Because you will reach a big audience and also you could have the opportunity to monetize your videos.

How to monetize your YouTube Channel?

For example, if you want to monetize your video on YouTube you need to complete these requirements:

  • 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel

  • Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months

  • Comply with all YouTube’s policies and guidelines

  • Have an AdSense account set up

Instagram also wants to monetize the video of its users but for now is only for the most popular content creators.

If you have a blog my recommendation for you is to write a post and then make a video about that post. The idea is that the video complements the post of your blog.

Also you need to be active on Instagram or Tik-Tok. The main goal is to drive traffic from those social media channels to your blog.

The key is to be consistent with your strategy and tactic in the social media channel of your choice.

For example, in Instagram is a good idea to upload stories everyday, at least 3 photos and 2 reels every week.

The goal is to gain reach and create authority in the social media channel of your choice.

If you want to open a YouTube channel, my recommendation is to upload a weekly video. That is what YouTube likes, consistency.

A good Social Media Marketing tip is to use video, this is a great tip in this post about social media marketing tips.

Use Facebook for organic reach and advertising

Trust me, Facebook is not dead. Facebook is still a big Social Media player. Yes, I know the younger audience is now on Instagram and Tik-Tok.

You need to remember Facebook owns Instagram, so Facebook is also a big player for advertisement.

How to use Facebook in your Social Media Strategy?

There is one keyword that I am repeatedly writing about in this post about Social Media Marketing tips:


Yes, you need to be consistent with your posts on Facebook. For example, after you published your post on your blog, also post your post on Facebook.

Also, make videos for Facebook. Facebook wants to compete against YouTube and for that reason Facebook gives videos far more reach than a regular post.

You can do livestream on Facebook. Facebook promotes live streaming with a good organic reach but you have to be consistent.

And Finally if you can invest $5 dollars daily on Facebook Advertising to drive traffic to your blog do it. Facebook likes that and also advertising helps with organic reach.

Invest on Facebook Advertising is a great tip in this post about social media marketing tips.


hashtag strategy

Hashtags are important now more than ever. Because a good hashtag strategy will give you a good reach on Instagram.

Don´t use hashtags without a strategy. Do research, find powerful hashtags that help your strategy.

I use this tool to find powerful hashtags for Instagram: Hashtatic

Hashtatic is a powerful tool and helps me with my Instagram strategy.


The Social Media Marketing tips I just give you will help you to achieve your goals.

Remember Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are just tools. Your Marketing Strategy must live even without those tools.

My ultimate recommendation is to focus on driving organic traffic to your blog or web page.

Remember, if you want to know how to start a blog in the cloud, read this post: How to start a blog: A great and practical beginner’s guide

Take advantage using these social media marketing tips.

Learn How to improve your social media strategy