9 Social Media Hacks to Boost your Business

In this post I will tell you about some social media hacks that you can use to help your business or brands stand out from the competition. Every year it is more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd, so these social media hacks will help you.

I know you are busy writing new articles for your blog or improving your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy; though this is very demanding, above all, you have to take care of your social media strategy.

You might think that there isn’t time for everything.

And it’s true; managing a blog or a web page for a business is time consuming. For that reason it is useful to find hacks that can help us save time.

These social media hacks will help you both save time and stand out from your competitors.

Social Media Hacks

All the social media hacks that I’m going to write about are important; there is no special order.

It’s all about videos

Right now it’s all about videos. To give you an idea, 60 % of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchases.

You might be saying: “I don’t know how to record a video, I don’t have the right equipment, or I don’t know how to edit a video.”

Ok, those arguments are valid. So let me tell you this: You can record a video with your smartphone; all smartphones can now record a good quality video.

If you don’t know how to record a video or edit a video, there are good tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how to record one with your smartphone, and there are also good tutorials about video editing.

Personally, I am taking a video editing course on Udemy:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Essentials Training Course

I paid $13. It’s an offer that Udemy has all the time.

It’s a very good course with a great teacher.

My goal is to make great videos for TikTok and Instagram Reels.


Because TikTok is now the world’s most downloaded app, and TikTok still has a good organic reach.

If you are new to making videos, it’s a good idea to start making videos for TikTok because you only have to record and edit 15 seconds of footage.

The recommendation for that platform is to start uploading short videos between 13 and 15 seconds; once you get around 100,000 followers, you can start uploading longer videos.

And as for Instagram, Instagram is switching to a video platform. For that reason, I assume that Instagram is going to favor video posts.

So, if Instagram wants to compete with TikTok, the platform will give more organic reach to Instagram Reels.

As you can see in this social media hacks tips, social media is all about videos right now. So if you’re thinking about social media hacks, think about video and how you can promote your blog, business, or brand with videos.

the technology savvy social media hacks video


Let’s talk about trends in this post about social media hacks . When Twitter was the most popular social media platform, everybody was tweeting about the trend of the day.

Until now, Twitter has shown you the trends in your country, and the trends near you.

During those days, if you tweeted about a trend you would have more chances of getting new followers.

Right now, this practice has evolved to TikTok, the hottest social media platform right now.

Trends are the driving force behind TikTok. If on Twitter the trend was a topic (political, sport, gossip etc.), on TikTok a trend could be a dance, a sound, a song, or a challenge.

Right now, half of the daily content on TikTok is to do with trends.

People look for the daily trends to jump on, hoping that a trending video will give them more followers.

Why are people so eager to know what the trend of the day is? Or why do they even pay “TikTok specialists” to find out the trend of the day?

This is because trends have a short life. It has to be a powerful trend to survive a week.

But most trends last for one or two days before people jump on the next trend.

Let’s talk about TikTok trends because right now it is the most popular social media platform.

If, for example, you live in Brazil, TikTok will show you what is popular in your country, not in other countries.

If you wanted to be popular in the USA, and not in your country, this isn’t possible right now.

TikTok’s algorithm first wants you to find an audience for your videos in your own country. If your video goes viral, then you have a chance of appearing in other countries.

The secret to ranking your videos in another country is to get a sim card from the country in which you want to be popular. If you want to be popular in the USA, buying a US sim card will show you what’s trending in the USA—it’s as simple as that.

But, you might be asking how to find new trends in this post about social media hacks .

the technology savvy social media hacks trend

How to find new trends on TikTok?

There are three ways to find trends on TikTok and I am going to talk about it in this post about social media hacks :

Spend time on the platform

If you spend time on the For You page, not only will you see a lot of videos, but you will also learn which song is getting popular, or which dance is getting popular, and those could become trends.

Use the Discover page

On the Discover page you’ll see what is popular on TikTok at that moment.

Use an app

I use an app called TrendTok: Analytics & Tracker. It’s a good app that uses artificial intelligence to predict which songs will be trending in the future.

With this app, you can make videos with songs that will be popular in a few days.

the technology savvy social media hacks trendtok

Here’s a bonus ins this post about social media hacks .

There are TikTok professionals that you can pay to find out trends early. I wanted to test this, but was unable to. If you have the budget, maybe it would be a good idea to pay to find out what the latest trends are.

Scheduling platforms

A scheduling platform can both save you a lot of time and help you schedule your content across several social media platforms.

There are paid ones and free ones, but some scheduling platforms are better for a specific social media platform.

Lets talk about this platforms in this post about social media hacks

Creator Studio

If you’re using Facebook as a platform, the best scheduling platform is Creator Studio by Facebook.

It is free and you can schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram.

The downside of scheduling posts for Instagram is that you cannot schedule Reels or Stories.

I like using Creator Studio because it is free, and it gives you good insights for your posts.

The best part, at least for me, is that Creator Studio shows you your posts on a calendar.

This is useful because you can see your content organized day by day and also see what type of content you are posting.

The calendar works for both Facebook and Instagram.


TweetDeck by Twitter is a powerful tool to schedule your tweets, and it’s free.

I use this platform for personal use and for my job, and I am happy using it.

Let me tell you in this post about social media hacks that the best of all is that it was made by Twitter, so it has a native integration.

Now for the paid ones in this post about social media hacks .


Later is a scheduling platform for Instagram and Pinterest, but it is best known for being an Instagram platform.

If Creator Studio is free, why is this Instagram scheduling platform so popular?

Good question. Later has some features that Creator Studio doesn’t.

For example, Later can recommend hashtags for you to use in your posts. This is very helpful if you don’t know which hashtag to use for your post.

Another great feature is Linkin.bio. With this feature you can send your followers to a specific post on your blog from Instagram.

If you want to use a paid scheduling platform, you have to look for features that a free scheduling platform does not have.

Let me tell you in this post about social media hacks that Linkin.bio is a great feature of Later. It is worth it. It can help you a lot with driving traffic to your website or blog.


This is the perfect scheduling platform for Pinterest. I have been using it for a year I have been using it for a year and have found it’s well worth the cost.

I think the best feature of Tailwind is Tribes.

This feature lets you share your pins in groups (Tribes) that focus on specific topics, like social media, fashion, food, etc.

One thing that I don’t like about Tailwind is that it’s very difficult to schedule video pins, and is not as easy as scheduling images on Pinterest .

This isn’t good because right now Pinterest is favoring video pins.

Pinterest is another social media platform that wants to be a video platform, and for that reason Tailwind should upgrade its scheduling platform.

But it’s still the best platform to schedule pins for Pinterest. I am very happy with Tailwind. I can tell you that in this post about social media hacks.

Be consistent

A very important hack is to be consistent. Why? It’s because when we start uploading content to social media platforms, we’re motivated, but if we don’t see results right away, then we lose motivation and perhaps even stop uploading content.

Consistency is key for success on any social media platform.

The reason for this is that every social media platform has an algorithm. The algorithm likes consistent accounts because, if it has a good amount of information about one account, it will look for an audience for the account in an organic way.

Think about TikTok. Why is it so popular right now? It’s because its algorithm is very effective when looking for an audience for every one of its users.

But to do that you need to feed the algorithm with content, and for that you need to be consistent.

Optimize your images for all social media platforms

Yes, you have to optimize your images for the social media platforms you are going to use.

Sadly, every social media platform has its own size for images.

Instagram recommends a post ratio of 1.91:1, that is: 1020 x 1080 pixels.

But the most popular size is the 1:1 ratio, that is: 1080 x 1080 pixels.

For Facebook, the sizes are:

Image TypeSizeAspect Ratio
Facebook Profile Picture400 x 400 px1:1
Facebook Event Cover Photo1920 x 1005 px1.91:1
Facebook Group Cover Photo1920 x 1005 px1.91:1
Facebook Business Page Cover1200 x 674 px16:9
Facebook Profile Cover Photo1125 x 633 px2.7:1
Facebook Photo Post1200 x 630 px1.91:1
Facebook Video Post1280 x 720 px16:9
Facebook Linked Image1200 x 630 px1.91:1
Facebook Stories1080 x 1920 px9:16
Facebook “Our Story” Cover1200 x 445 px2.7:1
Facebook Ad (Carousel)1080 x 1080 px1:1
Facebook Ad (Single Image)1200 x 628 px1.91:1
Facebook Catalog Image1080 x 10801:1

Interact with your audience

It may seem obvious, but with everything you have to do for your business, don’t forget to interact with your audience.

It’s very important to interact with your audience because it humanizes your brand and shows you care about your audience.

Also, it’s important because the algorithm of every social media platform likes the interaction of the brand with its audience.

The more you interact with your audience, the more chances you’ll have of getting leads or sales, and of getting more organic reach.

Take time to interact with your audience. This will also help you learn more about your audience, and once you know them, you can update your social media plan.

Knowing your audience will get you more sales and leads. The only way to get to know your audience is to interact with them.

Reply to comments and answer DMs, don’t be shy about doing it.

Lets continue in this post about social media hacks

Repurpose popular content

What I mean here is, for example, if you make a popular video on YouTube, you can use that content for a blog post or an Instagram carousel.

Or, if you have a popular blog post, you can transform that post into a YouTube video.

What I do with the content on my blog that doesn’t have much traffic is rewrite it with new, low-competition keywords, and that gets me the traffic that I want.

The secret is to repurpose some of your already existing content into new content for podcasts, videos, TikToks, Reels etc.

Maybe you already have 100 posts on your blog. Why don’t you start making a podcast with the posts that you have?

Paid advertising

I know it isn’t an organic hack, but sometimes paid advertising helps to get the traction you need.

What you need to do is target your paid advertising to the right people. Facebook advertising can help; it is a powerful tool that helps find the right audience for your business.

But you will also need to have a budget.

Micro Influencers

It is tempting to try and reach out to people with a large number of followers: “the influencers”.

But, do they really have influence over their followers?

You should reach out to micro-influencers; they have fewer followers but have more influence.

If the micro-influencers recommend a product, that product has more chance of getting sales.

It is more difficult to find micro-influencers, but it’s worth it.

Participate in social media communities

It is a good idea to participate in social media communities, because if you are an expert in your field, you can become an influencer and your sales will increase.

There are tons of Facebook groups that you can join to connect with people. Also, there are LinkedIn groups to join.

For example:

  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Twitter Chats
  • Topical Subreddits on Reddit

Conclusion about the 9 Social Media Hacks to Boost your Business

The idea behind these social media hacks is to save you time and to help your business grow.

Social media is time consuming, really time consuming, but you can save time if you follow these social media hacks.

My recommendation in this post about 9 Social Media Hacks to Boost your Business is to not be afraid of social media.

Social media can help your business growth and it can also help grow your brand.

But you need time in which to create great content for your social media platforms.

Remember the Social Media Hacks to Boost your Business is just a way to save time for your self and for your business.

If you apply these 9 Social Media Hacks you will see a boost in your business in about a month but is hard work.