Schema Theme Review: A Fast and SEO Friendly Theme for You

Schema Theme






User Friendly







  • The whole theme is a blog
  • 100% responsive
  • Powerful options panel
  • SEO ready
  • Easy implementation with Rank Math


  • The theme is not pretty
  • The best options are in the paid version
  • Just one option to show your logo

In this Schema theme review, I will write about why using this theme, which is fast and SEO friendly, is the best option to improve your SEO rankings

The last post was about CloudWays and, now that you have your blog, it is time to make it Google friendly, even before starting to write a post.

The best option for this is to choose a WordPress theme that can give you a fast loading time for your blog and be SEO friendly.

Note: this review contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you end up signing up to Schema Theme—at no extra cost to you.

MyThemeShop Schema Theme

The theme I use is Schema from My Theme Shop and I can prove that is fast:

schema theme review

I did the test in Pingdom and as you can see the load time was 333 ms.

I think this is the fastest WordPress theme right now of all of the WordPress themes schema.

Maybe you can say, this WordPress theme Schema layout is not a pretty one, but what you are looking for as a beginner blogger or as an advanced blogger are fast loading time and good SEO ranking.

This is the fastest SEO WordPress theme and the most Google friendly themes.

The Schema design is fast and SEO friendly and will help your blog to gain organic traffic. The layout has rich snippets, an ad management module, custom widgets, a powerful options panel, includes an in-built review system, and it is 100% responsive from the get-go. With this theme, your only focus will be to create great content.

Pros and Cons in this WordPress Theme Review

I will mention the most important things that made me choose the Schema design by MyThemeShop over GeneratePress or Genesis for my blog and I think it will be very helpful for you to decide after reading this schema review. If you want to know all the features of this WordPress Theme, you can go to its page here.


  • Everything is a blog
  • 100% responsive
  • Powerful options panel
  • SEO ready
  • Easy implementation with Rank Math
  • Great Customization
  • Great Performance


  • It is not pretty
  • The best options are in the paid version
  • Just one option to show your logo

The Pros

Everything is a blog

I think the most important thing is to tell you in this theme review is that everything is a blog.

This is important because Google loves blogs, because bloggers create great quality content. So when I was looking for a design for my blog, in my mind I was thinking: “I need a WordPress theme made for bloggers and the WordPress theme must help me highlight my content”, so when I read that in this WordPress theme everything is a blog, I said to myself: “I think this can work for me”.

This Schema WordPress theme was developed to show Google exactly that every part of this WordPress theme has to improve the SEO.

Blog website
schema theme header

To make this more useful, in this theme review, for you to decide if this is the theme for your blog, I will show you images of my WordPress blog:

header font
schema theme

As you can see in my WordPress blog, every part of the Schema theme is crystal clear for the search engines and that will help your blog rank high in the search results page.

Also, I want to mention that the code to develop this theme is lightweight, so that will reduce the website page size, specially in WordPress.

You remember that Google loves speed, and every second of loading the page counts for SEO rankings, that is why having a theme with a lightweight code is very important.

I want to emphasize the importance of speed for Google with this graphic:


Maybe even after you read this, you will continue looking for another theme or reading other theme review. Maybe you are looking for a beautiful theme, but please remember that you need the love of Google because for Google: “No matter what, faster is better and less is more”.

100% Responsive

I want to tell you that this theme is 100% responsive, and it looks good on the phone:

mobile view of schema theme
mobile view
mobile view 2
mobile view 3

Having a theme that is 100% responsive naturally helps a lot in the search ranking, you remember that more people read articles on their phones than on their laptops, PCs or Macs. I want to highlight what I found in this Business News Daily article: “Google prioritizes mobile page load speed as a key metric when determining your website’s search ranking, which is significant since 94% of organic search traffic comes from Google.”

For that, it is very important that you choose a theme that is 100% responsive right out of the box, that is the reason I’m recommending to you the theme I use in my blog.

Ok, I know that I am writing a lot about SEO in this post, but it is important for me that you know all these little details to choose the right theme for your blog.

Powerful options panel

I can say to you that this theme options panel has a handful of options that will make your blog look good.

The option panel looks like this.

setting of theme

General Settings

In this tab you can:

  • Upload the logo of your blog in the preferable size: 120px X 28px.
  • Upload a 32 x 32 px image that will represent your website’s favicon.
  • Upload a 152 x 152 px image that will represent your website’s touch icon for iOS 2.0+ and Android 2.1+ devices.

A great option you can find in the Schema theme is that you can add code in the header and in the footer of your blog with no extra plugin. This option will be useful for you when you need to create a landing page and you will need to insert the Facebook pixel code in it.


The rest is the default configuration that I have not touched. I like the way I found it.



This tab is very important because here you can enable and disable some features to improve website performance, like lazy loading images, Async JavaScript, pre-fetching (improves site speed).

This the configuration I use for speed performance:


Styling Options

You can control the visual appearance of your theme, such as colors, layout and patterns. The only change I did was to mimic the color of my logo.

If you know how to code in CSS, this is the tab for you.



I am showing you my personal preferences of how I use this theme. For example, in this tab you can control the elements of the header section, but I didn’t show the Floating Navigation Menu; I just don’t like it.


Also in this section, you can choose the Header Social Icons. I recommend that you choose wisely which social media platform you will use for yourself, for your brand, services or business.



In this tab you can control the elements of the homepage. I can also tell you, that I am not a big fan of sliders so I disabled the option. I think sliders don´t help for good SEO; it is just my opinion, but if you like sliders you can activate the slider option.

You can see my homepage setup here:


This section is very important for a blog and you must give it due importance. I prefer 3 widgets in the footer, that option looks good in a blog. 

The footer setup of my blog:


Single Posts

Here you can control the appearance and functionality of your single posts page.

I want you to remember that every post you write must be a masterpiece, including the title. With that in mind, this theme gives you an option so you can choose the elements that will accompany your post, with the idea that readers stay longer on your blog.

To choose which posts to recommend after reading, I prefer the option by categories.


Also, I prefer the featured image not to show in the post, only on the home page.

My setup of this tab:


Social Buttons

In this tab you can choose a position for the social sharing buttons. I recommend to you to choose the position for your social buttons above the content, it will help the shareability of your excellent quality content.

Also, you will have to choose the right social media channels on which you think your readers will share your post.

My setup for this tab:


Ad management

In this tab you can control the ad or ads you want to promote in your blog.

The setup of my blog:



Here you can manage sidebars and select one for each section of your site, or select a custom sidebar on a per-post basis in the post editor.

My setup to have every option in default:

sidebars schema theme


You can change the navigation settings from the menu section.

This is an important part. Here you are telling Google how your blog is organized.

This theme lets you organize your blog in two menus: primary and secondary. Like this:

primary-secundary menu

My recommendation to you is that the less important pages like disclaimer or about us go in the primary menu, and the most important pages or categories go in the secondary menu.

My setup for navigation:


Theme Typography

In this section of the theme, you have many options for the typography of your blog. The Schema theme comes with Google fonts integration.

My recommendation is that you play with some typography until you find what you are looking for.


Schema is SEO ready

As I showed you on the control panel, this theme is SEO ready.

When you will choose a theme you have to think: “will this theme help me rank high in Google?”

With that in mind, the reason I chose the light Schema theme is that it helps me with the speed part of SEO.


Schema has an easy implementation with Rank Math

Rank Math, right now the most popular SEO plugin, belongs to My Theme Shop, which makes the implementation of Rank Math very smooth, and very helpful for the SEO of the blog.

These are all the benefits which I think are very important for you to know.

I wanted to focus on the SEO part because I consider that part to be the most important when choosing a theme, because your content must be found for your audience.

So what I want you to be clear is that the theme must help your blog, not just look good, and help your content to be indexable for Google. Those two things are what you have to find in a good theme.

My recommendation for you is Schema.

A resume of the pros:

  • Amazing fast and SEO optimized lightweight secure code to improve your user experience and get organic traffic.
  • Integration with Google fonts.
  • Custom widgets that give you useful functionalities for your sidebars and footers.
  • Powerful options panel that gives you total control of your theme.
  • Easy social media integration.
  • Ready-to-use icon fonts.
  • Custom CSS.
  • Ad management that facilitates the monetization of your blog.
  • 100% responsive.
  • 2 ready-made homepage designs right out of the box.
  • Built-in review system.
  • Rich snippets support.

The Cons

I found a few cons in this them. I just want you to remember that this is my opinion. Maybe for you, there will be no cons.

It is not pretty

For me the theme is not pretty, but it is practical and helps for SEO. The user experience (UX) is very good, but for me I don’t think the theme looks good.

What I did was to play a little bit with the colors, to match my logo and to give the reader (you) a good experience with the content. 

In my opinion this not to bad.

The best Schema Theme options are in the paid version

You can only have all the options if you paid for the annual subscription.

They don’t tell you that you will not have all the options, but you can read this on their website:


You can see that the pro version is more updated.

I recommend paying for the pro version, the one year subscription is only $35 for one site.

My recommendation for you is to pay for the pro version.

You only have one size to upload the logo for your blog. For me this is bad, but from what I understand, the logo has to look good for PC and mobile, that is the reason for having just one size to upload the logo.


The prices of this theme are:

  • 1 Site: $35.00 
  • 3 Sites: $59.00 
  • Unlimited Sites: $77.00 

The price includes one year of support and updates, and a 30-day money-back policy.

Schema Theme Offers for review

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Conclusion of this Schema Theme Review

Finding the perfect theme for your blog is hard work, some of you will prefer a pretty theme and some of you will prefer a practical theme that will help with SEO.

I am trying to help you with making the decision of choosing a theme.

Writing this review helped me realize that I wasn´t using many options for this theme, so what you saw is an updated setup of this theme in my blog.

Also, I mentioned that SEO is very important for choosing a theme. The reason is that if you are beginning in this world of blogging, having an audience is very important – one way to gain readers is to work every day on the SEO of your blog, and a theme must help you with that.

So, why did I choose the Schema theme? The reason was the SEO and because the theme is fast, that is why my only focus was to talk about SEO and that this theme is fast.

I want you to make a good decision about the theme of your blog, my advice is that you find a theme that can help you gain organic traffic. I’m recommending to you the Schema theme but if you choose another theme, please make sure that this theme helps you with the SEO.

If you have any question I will be very happy to answer in the comments.

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What is the best theme for a blog?

The best theme is the Schema theme, which is fast and SEO friendly.

Why is the Schema theme the best theme for a blog?

Because the whole theme is a blog. This Schema theme was developed to show Google exactly every part of this theme to improve the SEO

Is the Schema theme 100% responsive?

Yes, this theme is 100% responsive, and it looks good on the phone.