ProWritingAid Review 2021: An Excellent Help for Bloggers

In this ProWritingAid review I am going to tell you why this accurate and easy to use professional editor is an excellent help for bloggers and writers.

I want to say that I am not a professional writer. I am a blogger and English is not my mother tongue.

For that reason, I looked for a web-based professional editor that would help me, more than anything, with checking spellings.

And while looking for a web-based professional editor, I found this software.

In this ProWritingAid review, I will tell you my experience of using this tool, how I use it and why I still use Fiverr to buy a gig from a professional proofreader to check my posts.

Note: this review contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you end up signing up to ProWritingAid—at no extra cost to you.

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What is ProWritingAid?

This tool is a powerful web-based editing program that helps improve your texts, essays, and anything you write.

This service helps you with:

  • Spelling check
  • Grammar errors
  • Finding the right word
  • Sticky sentences: the sentences that slow the user when reading.
  • Past and present tense consistency
  • The readability of your content

Let me tell you this in this ProWritingAid review. It is normal that you and I use vague words, abstract words and write with poor word choices. That is normal; we are not professional writers.

What programs like this tool do is find these “errors” and suggest new words or phrases that can improve the overall readability of your content.

In the end, the final decision to use these suggestions is yours.

Another outstanding feature of this tool, that I want to mention in this ProwritingAid review, is the integration with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and most web browsers, or you can download their Desktop App for Windows (but not Mac).

Who is ProWritingAid for?

This tool is for anyone who enjoys writing and doesn’t want their content to have any grammatical mistakes.

If you are a professional writer who has a blog, this tool has excellent features like in-depth reports of the writing style.

I would say this software is for:

  • Serious bloggers
  • Professional writers
  • Students
  • Academics

Let’s talk in this ProWritingAid review about the Freemium and Premium versions

In this ProWritingAid review I can say that this tool has two versions: freemium and premium.

With the free version, you can use this software on the web and get a basic browser extension.

The restriction is that you can only use the tool to correct up to 500 words.

If you want to make use of this software’s full potential, you have to use the premium version.

With the premium version you get:

  • The full web-based version
  • A desktop application for Windows
  • All the integrations mentioned earlier
  • Reports

I have the premium version, and for that reason, this ProWritingAid review is going to be about the premium version.

The monthly premium version costs $20

You can pay for one year altogether and it only costs $79. It is a 67% saving.

How do I use this tool? Let’s see it in this ProWritingAid review

Ok, till now I have talked about all the features and benefits of this tool in this ProWritingAid review, but I want you to have a full view of how a regular user uses this tool.

First, I have to tell you that I write my posts on Google Docs. I like to have everything I need on the cloud and for that reason, I use Google Docs as my main writing platform.

Also, like I told you before, in this ProWritingAid review, this tool has integrations. The one that I use is with Google Docs.

To install the Google Docs extension, you have to go to find it on ProWritingAid’s homepage. Find the icon of Google Docs listed among the extensions and click it.

the technology savvy prowritingaid google docs icon

Then you have to click on Install ProWritingAid to Google Docs.

the technology savvy prowritingaid install to google docs

Then you only need to click on Install, and that is all.

the technology savvy prowritingaid install google docs google market place

To use ProWritingAid on Google Docs, you have to go to follow this series of clicks: Add-ons, ProWritingAid Grammar Checker and Writing Coach, Improve Document.

the technology savvy prowritingaid good docs improve writing

Now, you will see all the tools from ProWritingAid.

the technology savvy prowritingaid tools

So, this is how I use this tool.

First, I go to Settings to select the English style for the improvement. I always select US English, but the decision is up to you.

the technology savvy prowritingaid general settings english

Also in Settings, you have the option to select your writing style. You can choose: general, academic, business, technical, creative, casual, web and script.

I always select general, it is better.

the technology savvy prowritingaid settings writing style

ProWritingAid gives you 17 tools. But you don’t have to use them all.

I want to tell you in this ProWritingAid review that I like ProWritingAid because I think, after testing some tools, it was made for writers rather than casual users.

For that reason, if you are a professional writer or you work as a text editor, this tool can help you with your work.

I know you will go to the grammar tool to check the spelling and the grammar mistakes of your text.

But if you want to check the spelling and grammar mistakes quickly, the better option for you is the Realtime tool.

The Realtime tool checks for grammar, style, and spelling mistakes all at once.

This is the tool that I always use. Let me show you.

When I finish writing my post on Google Docs, I immediately open ProWritingAid to see my mistakes on the Realtime tool.

the technology savvy prowritingaid realtime tool

As you can see, there is an underline under several words with the errors color coded. When you move the cursor over one of the underlined words, you will see the suggestion for the mistake.

Like this:

Grammar mistake:

the technology savvy prowritingaid grammar mistakes

Style mistake:

the technology savvy prowritingaid style mistakes realtime

Spelling mistakes:

the technology savvy prowritingaid spelling mistakes realtime tool

Now the important thing is that you have to accept or reject the suggestions. Remember this is a software, not a human person.

The software doesn’t think. It just gives you recommendations.

That is why ProWritingAid gives you at least three recommendations, so you just have to choose the best option for your text.

From my experience, when I write technical text, ProWritingAid struggles with style issues, but the software gives you good recommendations for spelling and grammar issues.

I think this happens because ProWritingAid was developed for writers, and that is good, but not for technology bloggers. But I like that, and that is the reason why I use this software.

One more thing. I like when ProWritingAid saves me from using the word THAT a lot or suggests new words I didn’t know.

Or, when ProWritingAid suggests changing one word for a more suitable word.

the technology savvy prowritingaid change word

For me, that is the genuine power of ProWritingAid.

I have to be honest. I don’t use the report of ProWritingAid. It is a good and detailed report, but I think it is more for professional writers and proofreaders.

the technology savvy prowritingaid report

That is how I use ProWritingAid. I am a blogger and all I want is a tool that takes care of my grammatical and spelling issues.

I do not use all the tools onf ProWritingAid but, fromor my experience, this software helps me with my content.

Pros and Cons in this ProWritingAid review

According to my experience:


  • Cheap price for a robust software
  • Good grammatical and spelling suggestions
  • Good integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Made for professional writers and editors


  • Style suggestions for technology writers could be improved.
  • When the text is long sometimes the software crashes on the Google docs integrations, but not in the web version.
  • The user experience could be improved.

Why do I hire a proofreader on Fiverr?

Well, the answer is simple in this ProwritingAid review. I trust a person more than a software to check my texts.

Don’t get me wrong, software like ProWritingAid and Grammarly are very advanced but if you want your content to be more professional, you need a human proofreader.

A proofreader can say to you: this text is good but you can do it better, or you need to improve your vocabulary, or this sentence could be better this way…

The artificial intelligence of ProWritingAid and Grammarly is still years away from doing that.

Like I told you in this post: How to start a blog: A great and practical beginner’s guide, you can buy Hannah’s gig on Fiverr and your posts or text will get to the next level.

Conclusions in this ProWritingAid Review

If English isn’t your mother tongue as well? This software will correct most of your mistakes.

If you want to be a professional blogger, This software will be an excellent help.

I recommend this software in this ProWritingAid review without a doubt. It is a great software for bloggers and professional writers.

I know I don’t use all the power of this software, but the Realtime tool is just enough for me.