9 Instagram Photo Ideas for your Personal or Business Account

In this post I will show you the best Instagram photo ideas that you can use to get more followers for your personal account, your business, or your start-up.

Yes, even though it’s turning into a video sharing platform, Instagram won’t forget its roots, and it will continue to support photos.

For this reason, you need your Instagram photo ideas to help you stand out from your competitors and get the Instagram algorithm to favor you, for organic reach.

So, let’s start with some Instagram photo ideas.

Instagram Photo Ideas

You can use these Instagram photo ideas for your personal account, or to give a boost to your business or brand.

Behind the scenes

Having Facebook fan pages, where you promote your products, your brand, and your posts, is a great strategy.

But it isn’t a good idea to repeat the same content on Instagram. For this reason, you can use the platform to show the behind-the-scenes of your business or brand.

For example, if you are a blogger, you can take a picture of your notebook and show the notes you’ve made for your next post.

Or, if you sell handmade products, you can take pictures while you make your products.

Here the important thing is to make a connection with your audience, with your community.

And on the captions you can share tips, or ask them quick questions.

Remember, you have to use social media platforms to create a community.

This is one of the best Instagram photo ideas

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas behind the scenes


If your business achieves a milestone, or if you sell a lot that month, show gratitude to your audience, because if you’re making sales, it’s because of them.

Every now and then, remember to show gratitude to your community with a picture. It will be even better if you show yourself in that photo.

Why? It’s because you have to humanize your brand or business, and there is no better way of doing it than by showing yourself.

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas gratitude


Do you still want to show your products? OK, do it, but in a collage. You will have to be creative here.

You can create amazing collages with your products.

You can combine all your products into one great photo.

As you can see, being creative is the secret to success on Instagram.

Yes, you can upload up to ten pictures. But it is more appealing and eye-catching if you upload a great collage.

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas collage

A dinner is a good place to take photos

If you travel, it is possible that you will go to have dinner in a local restaurant. What better place is there to take a photo for your Instagram account?

A local restaurant will have its own quirks and it can be the perfect place to have your own photo shoot.

Trust me, if you do this, your engagement will skyrocket because your photos will stand out.

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas dinner


If summer is coming to your country, prepare yourself for tons of photo shoots. Why? Because natural light is by far the best choice. So, you can take photos outside, on the beach for instance, or in the countryside. Just let your imagination flow.

Here I want to share with you a tip for taking photos or recording a video.

You could buy the best camera or the best smartphone for your photos or videos, but if you don’t have the best lighting, you won’t be able to take good pictures or videos.

If you are going to invest in a new camera or smartphone for your photos or videos, you also need to invest in good lights—that is the key.

That is why, if it is summer where you live, you should go outside and take enough photos and videos for a whole year, because you won’t have a better source of natural light.

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas summer


You might say: “Selfies?” That isn’t new; everyone takes selfies all the time.

This is the moment when you have to be creative. Think about new creative ways of taking a selfie.

For example, if everyone thinks you are a serious person, you could take a selfie while smiling or jumping.

The goal is that your audience has to say: WOW!! Or at least you have to make them feel something.

Time for another tip.

Don’t take photos or make videos just because you think you have to do it.

You have to keep in mind the idea that your audience has to feel something; they need to have a reaction to your work.

Remember when your friend went out for a trip and your friend took a selfie in a beautiful landscape? Maybe your reaction was to click that heart, write a comment and think: I want to be there.

That is a reaction, and that is what your photos or videos have to achieve.

So, a selfie isn’t new, but it’s a great tool for generating emotions.

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas selfies

The “day in the life” photo

If you run out of ideas, you can always take the “day in the life” photo.

What is this?

One day, I had zero ideas for my content plan for Instagram. I was getting low engagement, so I decided to take a photo of me working.

What happened? I got likes and comments. It was a “day in the life” photo.

Like I said before, people want to connect with other people; it is a human thing. We need to connect and feel that we belong in a community.

This is why, if you let your community see what a day in your life looks like, you will get engagement—it’s because of the connection.

People love to see the lives of other people. What is it like? What do they have in their home? What do they eat?

Use people’s curiosity to your advantage.

Surprise your community with a “day in the life” photo every now and then.

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas day in a life

The outfit of the day

Remember I just said that people are curious by nature.

So, a good photo of your outfit for the day is key.

If you are dressed to kill, take a photo and share it.

You will have good engagement in no time.

Also, be ready to answer any questions about where to buy the outfit you are wearing.

This is the favorite choice of these Instagram photo ideas for many fashion blogger

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas oufit of the day

Sneak peek

If you are working on something new, give a sneak peek of it to your audience, and they will wait for that new product.

Treat your audience with sneak peek photos to wow them.

This is another one good Instagram photo ideas

the technology savvy instagram photo ideas sneek peek

Final thoughts for Instagram photo ideas

These nine Instagram photo ideas will help you to boost your personal or business account.

Now you have to think about your next photo shoot. Where will you do it? Which camera will you use?

My final recommendation is to be creative—creative enough to make your audience feel something.

Your audience has to feel that they are part of your business or part of your story.

Also, don’t be shy in front of the camera. Express yourself and be authentic; that is what people like.

You should definetly shoud try these Instagram photo ideas