How to start a blog with DreamHost. Best host for a blogger.














  • Automatic WordPress installation
  • Fast loading times
  • A beautiful cPanel
  • One click SSL installation
  • No need of customer support to install your WordPress blog


  • You only get a discount if you pay one year in advance
  • Unnecessary plugins in your blog
  • No human 24/7 customer support

If you want to give your first step in the blogging world, you are in the right place. I will show you how to do it with DreamHost using some simple steps.

Let me be clear with you, I still like having a blog in the Cloud but I know that you might prefer to start your blog with a more affordable hosting solution.

Giving you another affordable option for blogging is the reason for this post. DreamHost can give you a good hosting solution for just $4.99 to build your first WordPress site for blogging.

You can find my first review about a good cheap hosting solution in this post: HostNoc Review. A great value for your money.

Note: this review contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you end up signing up to DreamHost—at no extra cost to you.

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Let’s Begin with the DreamHost Review

Lets get started. I like this company because they offer WordPress hosting for the price of $2.59 per month. For me, that is cheap.

dreamhost web page

But the price for a .com domain name is not cheap.


This company offers a variety of solutions for web hosting, like web hosting cloud, cloud shared hosting, hosting cloud shared, that will be helpful for you, but in this post, I am going to write only about WordPress hosting. You begin creating your first site with a cheap price.

dreamhost hosting solutions

Customer Support

It is my opinion that the customer support must be good and available 24/7. You never know when an accident may happen.

This hosting company says that they have 24/7 expert support, but it is not human support 24/7.

chat bot support dreamhost

This hosting comany has a chatbot support 24/7 and real customer support only if you are a client. At least, that is what I understand.


These are the monthly WordPress hosting plans. Like every other hosting company, if you want the cheapest basic plan, the $2.95 per month, you have to pay 3 years upfront. Making a WordPress site is cheap, even the shared hosting plans have low prices.

The Dreamhost’s WordPress hosting plans are made for a beginner blogger.

dreamhost wordpress hosting plans

But if you want to pay monthly and not be tied to it, then the most basic WordPress hosting plan is $4.95.

The WordPress basic hosting plans have two options:

dreamhost wordpress pricing

I am going to open an account with the WordPress starter option.

The major differences between these two options are:

  • The number of websites/blogs you can have.
  • Emails

If you are just beginning in the blogging world, you can start with the WordPress starter plan.

In case you need emails, you can open an account in G Suite – for me that is the best solution.

This hosting company offers a free domain name but only if you pay one year in advance.

Step by step, get started with this hosting solution

1)   Pick a plan to start creating your blog

For this review I will choose the WordPress starter plan. For that, I will click on Sign Up Now and this window will appear.

choose a domain dreamhost

2)   Choose a domain name to build your blog

My recommendation for you is to go to the best place to buy a cheap domain name, Namecheap, and buy your domain name there.

Here I am going to use my domain name for testing.

dreamhost choose a domain

3)   Checkout

In the checkout part, uncheck DreamShield Protection and DreamHost Email; you won’t need those add-ons.

dreamhost checkout

After that just click on Submit Order.

dreamhost submit order

And you will have your hosting.

dreamhost order completed

4)   Linking your domain name

Let me tell you that the best part is when you are in your cPanel, the WordPress installation happens immediately. You don’t have to worry about it.

dreamhost install wordpress

So now I will show you how to link your domain name in Namecheap, the best place to buy a cheap domain name, with DreamHost.

The hosting company will send an email with this data:

dns dreamhost namecheap

With that information you can go to your domain name in Namecheap, you must do this configuration:

dreamhost namecheap configuration

In NAMESERVERS,select Custom DNS and just copy and paste the information the hosting company sent you. That is all.

As you can see you do not need custom DNS records, or adding custom DNS, or custom blogger cname or blogger cname records or any cloud hosting domains. Everything is simple here.

5)   Your blog is ready and you can start blogging

After just one hour of waiting, your blog on this hosting company is ready. Now your own a blog in WordPress.

dreamhost wordpress blog ready

Now I will show you how to set up your blog.

Making the Setup of your blog in this company

Enter into your WordPress blog. Your first step as a blogger

For you, to enter your blog in DreamHost for the first time, you must first Log in to WordPress and click on Open WordPress Editor.

dreamhost enter your blog for the first time

Then you will see Boldgrid Inspirations. That is a plugin that comes with your hosting.

boldgrid inspirations

To avoid the plugin and to have a clear installation there is a solution. You see that after Boldgrid Inspirations, there is a warning. In the warning click on Yes, take me to my profile page.

And you will see this:

dreamhost wordpress generate password

To generate a new password, you can do it on Account Management.

Delete unnecessary plugins

What I didn’t like about this hosting company is the unnecessary plugins you find.

dreamhost unnecesary plugins

My recommendation is to delete all the unnecessary plugins and only keep: WP Super Cache. That plugin will help you with the loading speed of your blog.

Activate the SSL Certificate

This is an important step, because your new blog needs to be secure for your readers.

First, click on Domain and find: SSL/TLS Certificates

dreamhost ssl setup

And then you will find this window:

dreamhost ssl certificate step 1

You just have to click Add to see this window:

dreamhost ssl certificate step 2

Select the Free Certificate, you don’t need more.

Once you have selected the Free SSL Certificate, you will see this:

dreamhost ssl certificate step 3

For almost 15 minutes you won’t see your blog, that is normal so don’t worry about that.

Once the SSL Certificate is ready, you will see this:

dreamhost ssl certificate step 4

Your blog in DreamHost is ready! The set up was easy.

Now let’s test the hosting

DreamHost is a popular shared hosting platform for new beginner bloggers that look for affordable prices.

I am going to run a speed test in GTMetrix.

The first test is with no post in the blog, just the brand new blog:

dreamhost gtmetrix test 1

The loading speed is good, less than one second.

Now let’s put some content on the blog to see if there is a change.

And here is the result:

dreamhost gtmetrix test 2

Same loading time. That is good.

I see that for $4.95 per month you can have a good loading speed and an optimized hosting.

Pros and Cons

After opening an account in DreamHost and testing the hosting, let me tell you my pros and cons:


Automatic WordPress installation

Fast loading times

A beautiful cPanel

One click SSL installation

No need of customer support to install your WordPress blog


You only get a discount if you pay one year in advance

Unnecessary plugins in your blog

No human 24/7 customer support


I like that this company has good web hosting plans. Practically you have web hosting plans for any thing you need but the web hosting plan for WordPress is perfect.

DreamHost´s basic shared hosting plan is an excellent solution for new bloggers. For $4.95 you get an optimized hosting that will get you a fast loading speed for your blog.

I like the automatic WordPress installation – that was a pleasant surprise.

One excellent feature is the one click SSL installation. Trust me, this feature is not offered in all hosting companies.

But I don’t like that you can only get a discount if you pay one year in advance. For me this is bad.

I don’t understand why DreamHost gives unnecessary plugins. For me, this was a bad user experience.

But all in all, opening an account in DreamHost was an enjoyable experience that I can recommend to you if you are looking for a good and almost cheap option to start your blogging journey.

DreamHost proved to be a good option for a beginner blogger.

If you want to know how to start a blog in the cloud, please read this post: How to start a blog: A great and practical beginner’s guide.







After 20 years in the business you’d expect DreamHost(opens in new tab) to know what it’s doing, and first impressions don’t disappoint. The company offers shared, WordPress, cloud, VPS and dedicated web hosting with stacks of features and interesting options.

Shared hosting(opens in new tab) begins with the Starter plan(opens in new tab) which gets you 50GB storage, automated daily backups, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, a free domain (with free domain privacy) and automated WordPress installation.

Using WordPress already? The company now provides a free DreamHost Automated Migration plugin to help import your site.

The plan also includes an optional WordPress Website Builder. This is powered by BoldGrid(opens in new tab), and enabling the builder gets you access to BoldGrid’s Premium tools and themes, something that would cost $5+ a month if you signed up with BoldGrid direct.

DreamHost has some quality products and the prices are fair, but there are one or two unusual catches: no email with the starter shared hosting plan (it’s a paid extra), no allocated CPU resources with VPS hosting. These won’t matter to everyone, but check the small print carefully before you buy.

Generally, finding an entry-level shared hosting plan is the cheapest way to host a website. You get some space on a server (along with other subscribers) which generally costs a lot less than a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server all to yourself.
If you’re looking for affordable web hosting, Hostinger is the cheapest host around. It also offers a suite of features that outdo what DreamHost offers. And if you’re looking to save even more money with Hostinger, check out our coupon page with the latest deals for August 2022 before you commit to any hosting plan.

To sum our review up, DreamHost Shared Hosting plans offer very budget-friendly yet feature-rich options.

The WordPress-endorsed hosting service gives you lightning-fast speeds, a full website building toolkit and award-winning support. Their 100% uptime guarantee means your site stays online, all the time, and you get something if it isn’t.

Even the most skeptical of clients can trial DreamHost at little to no cost with its 97-day money-back guarantee and monthly payment plans.

In all, their Shared Hosting plans are great for newbies and small business owners looking to build their first website, and you’ll have the scalability to add features as your business grows.

For businesses targeting US audiences, DreamHost is a solid choice when it comes to server speeds. However, if your audience is in Asia, you may want to consider other hosts.

DreamHost may also not be for you if you need to speak with people over the phone instead of doing things online, or if you simply prefer the usual cPanel to work on a site.