How to start a blog and get followers. Get blog followers by starting blogging like the best bloggers

How to start a blog and get followers? That is a key question for new bloggers, and the answer is simple: hard work . In this post, I will show you how to create a community around your blog.

Yes, I say hard work. Besides getting into the habit of writing for your blog at least once a week, you need to focus on getting followers for your blog, and create a crowd around it.

How to start a blog and get followers by blogging?

You can start a blog by reading this post: How to start a blog: A great and practical beginner’s guide, which supports you by focusing on an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy

This will enable you to find the perfect social media platform(s) for your product or service, and help you to advertise.

Search online to find the best blogs

To write blog posts like a pro you need to search for the best posts on the Internet and get inspiration from them. This will help you write a good blog post.

I’m not saying that you’ll copy everything when you find a blogger you like.

Ok, you might try to imitate their writing style, but what I want to say is that you need to find out what makes them gain tribe members.

Maybe during your search, and after you’ve read many different articles from your favorite bloggers within your niche, you’ll find real meaningful audience insights that you can use when you write a new blog post.

If you want followers you need to research your favorite bloggers and then transfer that new knowledge into your blog by writing articles.

Believe it or not, blogging involves a lot of research before it’s time to write.

I know that you have a blog because you’re an expert in a certain field, but you need to research how other bloggers write about your chosen topics and engage with their followers.

Like I said before, maybe the writing style is key.

Maybe where they place the keywords in the article is key.

But in order to have a successful blog, you need to do a lot of research before you write.

Starting to write your first blog post

The most important part of blogging is to write your first blog post. You want to make an impact and show it to everyone in the world.

But the real end game is consistency because with consistency come followers.

Some tips to write a good blog post:

  • Write the title and subtitles first to create a structure for your article.
  • Write without thinking about search engine optimization.
  • Correct the grammar mistakes after you finish your article.
  • Then you can think about search engine optimization.

This order is the one that I follow right now.

I was so focused on the search engine optimization of my blog that I forgot I was a writer first.

When starting a blog you need to think about your followers and write with them in mind, and not write while thinking about the search engines.

Trust me; a good writing style will bring followers to your blog. That is the secret of blogging and of having a successful blog.

The best bloggers in the world have a writing style that their followers love.

Start writing. That is all.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Bloggers

If you really want to get started with a blog and find supporters, you need to think about a
search engine optimization plan.

A good Search Engine Optimization blueprint will give you high-quality traffic to your blog, because it will be organic traffic.

Ok, this post is not about search engine optimization.

But I will give you some tips on how to start your Search Engine Optimization plan.

Find the keyword for your post

This topic is very important to note when starting a blog and building a network around it.

Find a keyword for the topic you want to write about, and then place that keyword in the title of your post, in the first paragraph and in a subtitle.

This is a good search engine optimization practice that you can use when you write your posts.

Start by doing that, and you will see that it helps with your Search Engine Optimization approach.

Use an SEO WordPress Plugin

A search engine optimization WordPress plugin will help you with the basic elements of Search Engine Optimization that your blog needs, including meta tags, breadcrumbs, meta titles, slugs, and the alternative description for the photo (alt tags).

There are two SEO WordPress plugins that can help you: Yoast and Rank Math.

You need to use a search engine optimization WordPress plugin if you don’t already know about Search Engine Optimization.

Or, if you’re just learning how to do search engine optimization for your blog, using a plugin is the best way to begin.

When you use an Search Engine Optimization WordPress plugin, you will learn and research new terms like any pro blogger.

This is the perfect way to learn search engine optimization.

You need to work on the Search Engine Optimization of your blog because it is a long-term game, but it is the most rewarding.

If you work towards a good standard of Search Engine Optimization, you will get good quality traffic to your blog—and that’s what you need to monetize it.

Knowing about Search Engine Optimization is important when you’re getting started with a blog and building a following.

So start learning about Search Engine Optimization.

Link Building 

The most important thing in search engine optimization is link building.

Link building is the set of techniques used to generate links in external domains in order to improve the SEO positioning of a blog or website within the search engines.

If Google sees that other blogs or websites have links to your blog, your blog will rank higher.

Link building is the most important thing to do for the search engine optimization of your blog.

But it is also the most arduous task.

I say this because it’s hard to get external links to your blog.

This isn’t a post about link building, but I will tell you how I get links to my blog:

  • I comment on others’ blogs with a link to my own blog. If, for example, your blog is about food, you could comment on food blogs.
  • Quora is a good place to write comments and place links to my blog. You can answer questions and include a link.
  • Writing guest posts is another option. I search on Fiverr to write guest posts. You can find blogs with good traffic and pay for the chance to write a post that links to your blog.

Yes, I know. Link building takes time and it’s a lot of work, but it is necessary to rank high on Google.

So, a good search engine optimization strategy is the first step to setting up a blog and creating a following.

You need to learn about link building to begin a blog and get supporters.

Using Social Media to Get Blog Followers

Let me talk to you about social media.

Finding the perfect social media platform for your niche is key.

It could be Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even a new platform. The followers are everywhere.

For me, a good social media platform is Instagram. The reason for this is that you can have more direct interaction with your followers.

Another good social media platform is Pinterest. I see many bloggers using Pinterest to get traffic to their blog. But, to be honest, I have to research more about Pinterest.

Facebook and Twitter are still very popular and you can use those social media platforms to create a group around your blog.

I will write a series of blog posts about social media strategies, but for now, you can read this post: Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021.

But I want you to remember one important thing:


It doesn’t matter which social media platform you choose, what matters is consistency.

Why is consistency important? It’s because you need to prove to your chosen social media platform that you are a valuable member of the community.

For example, if you choose Instagram, you must post at least three times per week.

You need to do this on any social media platform to get good organic reach, and the key is consistency.

Another example. If you want to start a YouTube channel, you need to upload one video per week.

Maybe you’re questioning why consistency is important. The reason is that every social media platform has an algorithm, and that algorithm needs to know about you in order to find an audience for you.

That is the reason why consistency is important. Get started with a platform and stick with it.

So, having a good social media strategy is the second step in starting a blog and getting supporters.

Advertising on Social Media Platforms. Make the most out of it.

Let me tell you that advertising on social media is easy.

First, you need to read this post: Customer Empathy Map. How to answer the 7 questions.

Why? Facebook is the biggest social media platform for advertising, and the most basic form of advertising is based on: demographics, interests and behavior.

The way to get this information about your ideal customers (your readers) is by making a good customer empathy map.

how to start a blog and get followers

In this blog, I will always tell you about the importance of making a good customer empathy map.

If you make a good customer empathy map, it will be easier to find your audience and create a network around your blog.

Also, it is important for you to know that Facebook’s advertising platform works for Instagram too.

With a good customer empathy map, you can reach a new audience for your blog by advertising on two social media platforms.

So, advertising on social media is the third step in building a blog and creating a group around it.

Set up good campaigns with out fear. With practice you will learn how to set up a good campaign and with time you will set up campaigns easily.

How to grow your blog on Instagram with blog posts

The answer is simple: by transforming your articles into graphics. Some good tools to use are Canva, and Later.

With Later, you can post your graphic and it will give you a link that redirects your follower to your blog.

It is the perfect tool to promote your blog using Instagram.

I’d recommend using this tool if you want to use Instagram to promote your blog.

Also, you can use Instagram to live stream so your followers can interact with you, and it’s a good way of promoting your blog.

Becoming a blogger

To become a blogger you need consistency. A good blog has at least one new post per week, and, if you want to become a blogger like those you admire, that is your first goal.

The technical part of starting a blog is easy, and the hard part is writing a weekly article.

If you want to start a blog you will need to commit to it. Trust me, do this and you will gain followers. The fans will come.

Also, having a blog is a responsibility. This is because you have to pay for your domain name, your hosting solution and everything else that your blog needs.

Blogging also requires finding ways of promoting your blog, for example, by signing up for Pinterest or LinkedIn. Having a profile on those social networks is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and gain followers.

All the best bloggers have an account on Pinterest. Until a few years ago, Pinterest was a great way of directing social media traffic to your blog. But now Pinterest is changing; it’s starting to become a video platform.

Also, Pinterest is now finding ways of monetizing its platform, and nowadays it is hard to get traffic from this social media platform.

But all bloggers forget that Quora and Reddit are powerful tools for blogging.

Reply to all your comments

Also, a good way of gaining followers is to reply to all your comments.

Replying to all your comments is the best way of engaging with your audience and letting them know that you listen to them.


It is important for you to build a following for your blog so you can improve the lives of other people with your knowledge.

My recommendation is that you focus on your search engine optimization strategy. If you rank high on Google then no one can stop you, because you will get good quality traffic.

I know search engine optimization takes a lot of time and you won’t see the results until the future, but it is the right thing to do.

Focus on your search engine optimization strategy.

The same thing happens with a social media strategy. It takes time to see a network develop for your blog, but it will be worth it.

Advertising on social media can give you quick results, but you will have to invest money. If you don’t invest money, you will not see any results.

If you want to get a following for your blog, you must work hard and have a lot of patience, because it will take time.

Now you know the steps of starting a blog and getting supporters.

Blogging is an art, and having followers is a consequence of doing a good job with your blog.

Don’t get anxious if you don’t get followers quickly. Just continue blogging and focus on the long-term goals you have for your blog.

Your blog will grow with time.

Also, remember that great content attracts followers. So keep writing great content and always thank people when they comment on your blog.

The people who visit your blog will become followers if you interact with them, either on your blog or on your social media platforms. Make sure to reply to all the comments.

And don’t forget to have fun while you wait for your blog to rank on Google.

Blogging is a long journey.

Make great, weekly content for your blog, and always look at what other bloggers are doing to gain followers.

Maybe in the future you will have blogs not just one blog. Because with time you will be better with your blog and you will want to have another one and you will be passionate about this.

Also as a blogger you can have in your blog an opt in that leads to a landing page with the goal to have a data base of emails. That is a good way to engage with your followers and to have weekly visits to your blog because you can sent one email per week to them.

Trust me you can my a living by just having visitors to your blog. If you have followers that visit your blog you will make money.

Just focus on writing good content that is the secret.

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