How to improve your social media strategy in 2022

Your social media strategy must help you grow your brand or business. In this post I will give you actionable tips that will help you with your social media strategy.

Let me tell you this first: any social media strategy that you have will take time to get results.

When you use a social media strategy, use it for the long run, especially if your brand or services are new.

Why do I tell you this? Because over time I have talked to clients that want a social media service but they want to see results right away.

Every social media strategy takes some time to deliver results. Imagine that your service or brand is new. So, the first step of your strategy is to make people trust your brand or service.

Remember that people must trust your brand or trust you to make a purchase. No trust, no purchase.

A good example of that is the sites for freelancers like Fiverr or Would you hire someone with reviews or without reviews?

Most people would hire someone with reviews because those reviews show trust.

Another example is OnlyFans, why do some girls earn more than others selling their photos? The answer is simple, some girls already have a good amount of followers on Instagram or Twitter, so they drive traffic from Instagram or Twitter to their OnlyFans account.

I read that example in this article from the New York Times: Jobless, Selling Nudes Online and Still Struggling.

So, the idea, like I said in this post: How to start a blog and make money, is to drive traffic from social media to a site where you can make sales, perhaps Fiverr or, or your website.

The goal of this post is to give you tips to improve your social media marketing strategy and drive traffic to your site where the money is.

It is very important to have a website where people can make a purchase from you.

My recommendation, as always, is to at least have a blog.

You can learn how to make a blog in the cloud here: How to start a blog: A great and practical beginner’s guide.

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How to improve your social media strategy

Ok, let me tell you some tips that will help you boost your social media strategy:

Bring back the social to social media

This is basic. If you use a social media strategy, one of your goals must be to create meaningful relationships with your followers, not just increase the number of followers.

Why do I say that? I see many big brands that don’t answer their comments on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

If you do the same, that will be bad for your business and brand.

The community manager of your brand or business has to answer every question, that is it.

Remember, you have to build trust with your followers. If you build trust, you will have sales or leads.

Some ideas to bring back the social to social media:

  • Always @mention people you reference in your social media posts.
  • Interact with your audience by asking questions that they can answer.
  • Reply to every comment or mention.
  • If possible, automate a thank you for following you.

Use videos

Yes, the best thing you can do is make videos for your social media channels.

Videos have more engagement and organic reach than photos or text and people love watching videos on Instagram and Tik Tok.

For example, I always make videos for my Instagram account. You can watch a one minute video every Friday about the topic of the week.

I upload each of these videos with a hashtag to get an organic reach.

My recommendation for you is not to be afraid of the camera – and you don’t need a professional camera. You can record quality videos with your smartphone.

For example, reels on Instagram have good organic reach right now, because Instagram wants to beat TikTok.

And TikTok has good organic reach also.

Just don’t be afraid of the camera and make videos for your social media channels. It will be good for your social media strategy.

Understand your audience

I know that I always mention the audience, but the reason is that understanding your audience is very important when it comes to improving your social media marketing strategy.

If you know what your audience wants or wants to know about your business or services, there will be no problem engaging with them.

In this post you can read about the digital consumer: Digital Consumer: 14 great characteristics you must know, and in this post, you can learn about the customer empathy map: Customer Empathy Map. How to answer the 7 questions.

Making a good customer empathy map will help you with your social media strategy.

People don’t want to be sold

It is important to understand that people have social media accounts to connect with other people, not to see advertisements.

That is why my recommendation is that the content you publish on your social media channel brings value to your audience.

If you don’t bring value to your audience, they will simply ignore your post.

At this point, you have to remember that sales is a process.

First, you have to make your audience fall in love with your product, service or brand and then you can make a sale.

Don’t sell on social media, bring value to your audience.

Make stunning images

A wonderful image is still important. Why?

Because you need to get the attention of your audience.

You need to think about this. Like I said before, people use social media to connect with their family and friends. They don’t use social media to see advertisements.

But when people scroll through their feed, a stunning image can help you get their attention.

It has to be a stunning image because when people scroll through their feed, they are doing it to find out how their friends and family are, so the goal with your image is to interrupt that, grab their attention and focus it on your brand or service.

That’s why you have to bring value to your audience in your social media strategy and if it is with a stunning image, the better.

Choose your social media channels wisely

If you learn about your target audience you can know for sure on which social media channels they are.

So you can adapt your content to that social media channel.

Right now, the most important social media channels are:

LinkedIn: A professional network that is perfect for B2B audiences.

Facebook: Everyone uses Facebook. Facebook pages don´t have much organic reach but Facebook groups can be great for connecting with your ideal audience.

Instagram: If you love to create videos and wonderful images, this is the social media channel for you. The only downside is that Instagram is not as good at driving traffic back to your blog, but it is a good social media to grow your influence over your audience.

Pinterest: Pinterest is highly visual. Although it’s limited to static images and gifs , it can be highly effective at driving traffic back to your blog.

Twitter: This is a good social media platform to create your influence and to drive traffic to your blog, but you need to dedicate time to this channel.

It is very important for you to choose the right social media channel for your social media strategy.

This is important for having organic reach on social media. For example, until two or three years ago, using videos wasn’t that important, but now it is very important to make videos to increase your organic reach.

2020 was the year of TikTok and because of that, Instagram copied TikTok and launched reels. Now you have to use reels because of the organic reach they give you. Instagram wants everyone to use reels, and that is the reason Instagram gives a lot of organic reach to reels.

You have to stay tuned for the latest trends and changes for your social media strategy.

Final Words

There is not a blueprint that I can share with you and tell you that this social media strategy will work for you.

Every business or service is different with different target audiences and different needs, and that is why every social media strategy is unique.

My eternal recommendation is to know your audience.

You can say I have this big and brilliant idea for a business but if you don’t have an audience, or even worse, you have an audience but you don’t listen to them, your business will fail.

Now you have some tips that you can use, but in the end, in order to use these tips and see results, you have to know your audience.

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