13 Digital Marketing Strategies for E-commerce

It is time to talk about digital marketing strategies for e-commerce. In this post I will give you the best strategies for e-commerce that you can use right now to boost your sales.

Having an e-commerce store is hard work. Trust me; I know first-hand.

I once tried to open an Etsy store, but before I could list my first product I had my account closed. That kind of thing happens with e-commerce.

Also, I remember that when I was managing the advertising campaign for a big e-commerce store in Peru, the campaign got a 404 error out of nowhere and I had to stop the whole campaign. This happened Saturday night. 

This can happen even if you have the best digital marketing strategies for e-commerce.

So before I start giving you recommendations of digital marketing strategies for e-commerce, I have to tell you to check your Etsy or Shopify accounts to make sure that everything is OK, and if you have already developed an e-commerce store, to check your hosting.

Your e-commerce store has to be in perfect condition before you start developing digital marketing strategies.

Now you may be thinking that digital marketing strategies for e-commerce sounds difficult.

Well, as with any other strategies for digital marketing, the objective is to get sales, because if you have an e-commerce store it is because you have something to sell.

I am assuming that if you have your product you already know your target market, by which I mean you know your consumer in detail.

If not, you can read this post to find out how to know your consumer in detail: Customer Empathy Map. How to answer the 7 questions.

It is important that the product you sell has a market or an audience; if not it will be harder to get a sale.

I have seen entrepreneurs that are very much in love with their product. They think it is the best product in the world but they don’t get sales and blame other people.

I hope this isn’t the case for you.

If you are going to launch a product on the market you need to be sure that your product solves a problem.

For example, in the days before Netflix, if you wanted to see a movie in your home you had to rent it from a store—yes, in a store. What Netflix gives you is speed; you no longer need to walk outside of your home to rent a movie.

Netflix solved a problem.

Your product has to do the same—solve a problem.

If your product solves a problem there will be an audience for your product.

So, these digital marketing strategies for e-commerce will work for your shop.

Digital marketing strategies for e-commerce

Time to talk about the digital marketing strategies of e-commerce. I am going to show you strategies that you can apply to your shop right now.


Videos all are about videos. To promote your e-commerce store you will need to make videos. Why? Because all social media channels now promote the use of videos.

For example, the head of Instagram says Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. He wants Instagram to transition into a video sharing app.

For that reason, if you are using a social media channel to promote your shop, you need to make videos.

If your e-commerce store allows you to upload videos, use video—and not photos—to promote your products. HubSpot says: 81% of consumers say video provides confidence.

Right now I am taking a course on editing videos because I am opening an Etsy shop to learn how the platform works, and I will later write a post about it.

the technology savvy Digital Marketing Strategies for E-commerce videos

Improve your Product Visualization

One thing in life that is certain is that everything comes through the eyes. Maybe you aren’t hungry but you see a colorful dish, and then you immediately want to eat it.

The same thing happens with your e-commerce store. Someone may visit your shop just to see the products, but the images and videos on your store must induce a purchase.

For that reason you have to improve your product visualization. If possible, you can make 3D photos so people can view your product from every angle or take photos in high quality that allow people to zoom in.

Remember, every video or photo that you use has to induce a purchase.

OK, until now I have talked about videos and product visualization as digital marketing strategies for e-commerce.


Because I think that the first thing you have to do for your shop is to improve the visualization of all your products.

That is key to getting sales.

Think about this for a second. When you visit a store a sales person will talk to you to induce a sale. You can see it in The Wolf of Wall Street.

In an e-commerce store you don’t have a sales person, but you can create one using a video. Remember that in a video you can have an voice-over and you can make someone imagine how that product can help them using photos.

If your e-commerce store has great visualization of your products, you are one step closer to making sales daily.

If you aren’t sure about this, there are great video tutorials on how to use Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop or Canva

Personally I use Canvato edit and create photos, and Adobe Premiere for videos.

Making photos and videos is a great digital marketing strategy for e-commerce.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the trickiest digital marketing strategies for e-commerce. Why is that?

The reason is that the pages are static and it is very difficult to update a product page. An e-commerce store is not easy to update like a blog, but Google loves new content.

So, how should you do search engine optimization for an e-commerce website?

You can update your pages with new products every week, or have a blog that links to your main page.

Doing this will help share traffic from your blog to your shop. It will be easier for you to update your blog weekly than it would be for your e-commerce store.

You have to optimize your shop according to Google’s best practices.


A common question is: Do I have to use chatbots in my shop?

The answer is that you shouldn’t at the beginning, but later you can. Why?

This is because when your e-commerce store is new, I would recommend that you answer all of your customers’ questions.

In this way, you will know first-hand what they want and what they ask more for.

Once you have all this information you can start using a chatbot.

A chatbot learns what has to be answered. You have to feed it with information.

Chatbots are now very smart and in just a short amount of time they can imitate the way you answer your customers.

Use a chatbot when you feel that it takes too much time to answer every question from your customers, and when you have the information to feed it.

the technology savvy Digital Marketing Strategies for E-commerce chatbots

Incentivize customer reviews

This is one of the forgotten digital marketing strategies for e-commerce.

And I think it is because everyone is scared of customer reviews. Yes, I know that to think is someone is going to write a bad review is scary but you need to incentivize those reviews.

But you have to incentivize your customers to write reviews of your products and of their experience of buying in your shop.

Believe it or not, Google pays attention to these reviews and they affect your rank on the results page.

For that reason don’t be scared to incentivize your customers to write reviews every time they make a purchase in your store.


Pop-ups? Yes, pop-ups. Believe it or not, they work. The only thing is that you have to use them wisely.

For example, after two or three minutes a pop-up can appear and show the customer an offer or give them a discount coupon.

That incentivizes a purchase.

Use them carefully, but use them. Use it carefully because you need to know your audience. Maybe your audience does not like pop-ups or maybe yes.

At this point of this digital marketing strategies for e-commerce article, I want to say that you have to try new things to incentivize sales for your shop.

Don’t be shy of trying new things. If it doesn’t work—OK, no problem—try another thing until you find what works for your shop.

Competition is tough in any niche and every one of your competitors is trying new things right now.

My recommendation is to try pop-ups first, and then later you can try chatbots for your store.

If you are an Etsy shop owner then search engine optimization is key for your business, because Etsy prioritizes SEO.

Etsy is a very different e-commerce portal that deserves a whole post to itself, but for now my recommendation is to find the keywords that can get you sales with low competition.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important digital marketing strategies for e-commerce.

It allows you to start a personal relationship with your customers.

If possible, you must segment your customers. The idea is to know who buys from your shop constantly, who bought something just once, and who are in your mailing list but have never bought from you.

If you do this segmentation you can create powerful content for each segment to incentivize a purchase.

Think about it. You can send emails to those who have never bought from you and offer a discount coupon. Use the same idea for those who bought from you once, saying that you miss them and welcome them back, and for your regular customers, send an email with the latest products and share something more personalshare something more personal to form a stronger relationship with them

As you can see, you have a lot of opportunities to use email marketing to increase your sales.

the technology savvy Digital Marketing Strategies for E-commerce email marketing

Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads

If you have a budget for advertising you should use social media ads and Google Ads.

This will help you to get sales fast and give you brand recognition.

If your shop is new, you have to show your shop to your ideal customers.

It is very important that you know your ideal customers because you will lose money if you target the wrong people.

Also, you have to choose where to make the advertisement; it could be on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Google.

Right now all these platforms have good advertising options for e-commerce stores.

I would recommend you use videos for your ads. A video is more powerful than a photo right now.

And a video will help you to reach more people.


Of all the digital marketing strategies for e-commerce, retargeting is one of the best options.

This is because customers who have already shown an interest in your website are more likely to make a later purchase.

You may think: What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a technique that tracks customers who have visited your site and displays ads to them while they’re browsing the internet, all with the intent of getting them back on your site. When these visitors enter your shop again, they are far more likely to make a purchase.

In order for retargeting to get you sales, you have to have good targeting when you make your ads.

If you make good ads, then with the retargeting, you will close sales.

Trust me, retargeting is more likely to close sales.

Integrate All Your Social Sites for Sales

Use your social media channels to increase your sales.

For this you have to create content that shows how your products help your customers. Or, if you sell clothes, show how your clothes will look on your customers.

In your copy, you have to write “call to actions” (CTAs) to incentivize customers to purchase your products.

It is important to write CTAs in your posts, specifically to incentivize customers to purchase your products.

Remember that not all your social media posts have to be made to sell your products.

You have to combine your sales posts with other types of posts.

Remember that people are on social media to engage with their friends—not to buy products.

This is one of the most powerfuls digital marketing strategies for e-commerce.

Mobile Friendly

Your e-commerce store has to be mobile friendly. More and more people are using their smartphones to make purchases.

If your shop is not mobile friendly, you are likely to lose potential customers.

Now, Etsy and Shopify are already mobile friendly, which is a good advantage, but if you are going to build a shop from the ground up, for example in WordPress, you have to do it while keeping the mobile format in mind.

The majority of the people forget this very useful digital marketing strategies for e-commerce.


With time you will learn more about your customers and then you can personalize your site for them.

Customers like it when they feel everything is personalized towards them.

A big part of personalization should include local approaches that make people feel at home. This is also a strategy that can help you improve delivery based on the location of your customers, and their proximity to your warehouses.

Personalization and localization can also help you leverage the seasons. You can show customers in the south one set of items, and those in the colder north something more suited to their current climate.


You have to measure everything in your shop. From the number of visitors until all the purchases.

That way you can personalize your products for your customers.

A good measurement strategy can help you predict which products you can offer to your customers.

If you have a Print On Demand (POD) store by measurement, you can predict what kind of T-shirts your customers will be likely to buy in the next season.

Remember that you have to differentiate your shop from your competitors to make sales.

All your digital marketing strategies for e-commerce has to be meausre.

Final thoughts on digital marketing strategies for e-commerce

You have to set goals before implementing digital marketing strategies for e-commerce.

That is the secret to being successful. I can give you the tips, but if you don’t set goals then everything can be difficult.

Now you have the tools to be successful with your shop.

These digital marketing strategies for e-commerce can be used right now—you can apply them to your shop now.

E-commerce is a very difficult but passionate field. Once you start selling it is difficult to stop doing it.

My recommendation is to anticipate trends if you have a POD store and anticipate seasons.

For example, you need to start making T-shirts about Valentine’s Day at the beginning of January.

And don’t forget to visit my shop on Etsy.

Choose your best digital marketing strategies for e-commerce to be implementet right now, do not waste one more minutes.