Choosing the Best Practices for Software Development Process

software development

The process of creating a new software can be a challenging and complicated task. In this fast tech and competitive world, it is not easy to stay ahead in the market. That’s why it is crucial to know the best practices for software development that can help you minimize your time or speed up the entire process. Although, it is obvious to initiate the process with the best practices but they are often overlooked by the software developers. Remember, the implementation of the best strategies and practices are obligatory for all software development companies. 

Here I’m discussing some important practices that developers should consider while developing any software. 

Create Goals and Simplicity

Of course, without goals, nothing is possible. A software development project should start with a clear direction. Your planned goals will help you cope with various challenges and you will be ready to implement strategies without getting stressed out. 

It is wise to break down your project into smaller and manageable tasks. Make sure to keep all task separate and work on them step by step. By doing this, you will be able to do work in a linear fashion without wasting time. 

One additional tip:

When it comes to writing a code, don’t be so hurry. Writing a code is not a joke. Unfortunately, most of the developers don’t take the code writing process easier. They want to take shortcuts to accomplish the tasks as soon as possible. Remember, writing a simple and functional code is never an easy process. It takes times. So, you have to be patient. No matter how long the process is, make sure writing the right code will always be your first priority. 

Another most important thing is, considering code coherence i.e. writing the same or single style code. This will help all the team members to stay on the same pitch. 

There are some tools that enforce software developers to create a single style code. 

JSCS: A formatting and Linter Tool for JavaScript users.

HTML Tidy: A Linter for HTML users that enable them to explore errors. 

Stylelint: Linter for CSS users, available with different plugins. 

Not only this, Editorconfig and ESLint also helpful for creating a code coherence. 

Testing Phase

Testing is one of the most important processes of software development that can make or break your product. Sadly, many developers don’t take this step seriously. They never assume the worst rather believe that nothing will go wrong.However, the thing is, always imagine the worst and get ready to face any circumstances. Remember, it is not a matter of a school project. It is a matter of getting an important client. 

Here I have listed a few testing methods that developers can use to check the major or minor errors or problems. 

  • Security Testing 
  • Unit Testing 
  • Integration Testing 
  • Mobile Testing 
  • Usability Testing
  • System Testing 
  • Load Testing 

Moreover, some methodologies can be important for a successful deployment. 

Agile: This must be a helpful approach for software optimization. 

Repositories: Git is a platform that can play a crucial to track versions, merging and synchronization. 

Accuracy: Of course, correct code is better than fast code. Once you ensure accuracy then it would be easier to speed up the process. 

Well, these are just a few testing methods. Apart from this, thanks to the rise of machine learning and current techniques that made developers lives easier. For instance, an automated algorithm helps to run millions of tests within no time. 

No doubt, practicing the testing methods ensure optimum efficiency, reliability, high usability and maximum functionality. 


Just like any machinery, your software or app needs maintenance. For a good maintenance, regular updates, continuous testing and analysis is key. Make sure to keep your software compatible with any hardware. It is suggested to keep focus on maintaining a fresh code as this would be helpful for product compatibility.  


Pre-launch evaluation or testing is not just enough. If you think your job is over then it’s nothing like that. There is still something left that is performance analysis post-launch. There is no guarantee that an app will always be efficient and functional. So, it is crucial to have an analytics department that can help you get rid of any unfavorable condition. 

Furthermore, I believe that offshore software development ensures access to a vast pool of talent, lower cost and sustained business growth. Undoubtedly, a strong partnership with offshores engineers, experts or software developers is a key to productive results. 

So, start practicing and implementing the afore-mentioned methods to improve the quality of your software. However, one thing to be noted, don’t only rely on those practices. Strategic and critical thinking helps you a lot if you want to stand out in the market.