The 3 best blogging platforms for beginners

The 3 best blogging platforms for beginners. Wow, a tough decision.

Right now we have the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners that will allow you to choose the best blogging platform. You already have the audience you want to reach, you have the topic and you have already written some publications.

Among so many offers, it must be difficult to choose which platform to use, so I will recommend the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners, and the last decision will be yours.

Wow, it is a tough decision to choose only one platform from the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners for your blog with excellent options on the internet.

I will tell you that 14 years ago when I found out about the world of digital marketing, everyone in Peru was talking about blogs. Blog contests and blogger meetings were organized.

It was a beautiful time until social media broke into Peru and the whole digital marketing landscape changed.

I remember when blogging was trendy; I opened a Blogger account because it had just been acquired by Google.

My way of thinking was: Okay, Google bought Blogger, so Google should prioritize the search rankings for Blogger.

Okay, now I know I was thinking naively, but I was just getting started in the world of digital marketing.

I remember that I also chose Blogger because it was the only platform that allowed me to put on the Google Analytics code and play a little bit with the HTML code.

The day I put the Analytics code into Blogger, I felt like I had accomplished something impossible, I felt the same way when I could make some modifications to the HTML code.

Discovering Wordpress

Upon researching more about the world of blogging, I found a platform called WordPress that is the favorite of many bloggers.

To my surprise, I discovered that there are two WordPress platforms: and

Upon discovering WordPress, I also discovered unfamiliar words like: hosting, domain, plugin, cache.

I was entering a new and exciting world, and I had to discover everything.

That is how I discovered the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners.

In this post you will see these 3 best blogging platforms for beginners, and in the next post you will see: hosting and domain.

Before starting the analysis I want to start with defining what a CMS is because you have already come across those acronyms while searching for the best blogging platform.

What is a CMS?

CMS comes from the acronym Content Management System. A CMS is a software that is used to create, manage and change content on a web page without having to know programming code.

With a CMS you can shape a web page and add content without requiring technical help.

A CMS has two parts:

  • A content management application (CMA): This is the front end part of the CMS where you can add text and photos using the famous WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) text editor, for the user to see on their screens.
  • A Content Delivery Application (CDA): This is the back end part of the CMS where you can make all the changes to your blog or website with no technical knowledge.
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Famous CMS:

Of the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners only is a CMS.

The 3 best blogging platforms for beginners

There are several CMS options but and Blogger are the best blogging platforms for beginners.

These 3 best blogging platforms for beginners are great options for new bloggers.


WordPress is the best platform for blogging. It is simple, intuitive, and easy to use but it has two variants: and

WordPress was born in 2003 from the hand of Matt Mullenweg and Ryan Boren, they created this software on the foundations of b2/cafelog, a CMS that its programmers discontinued.

In 2005, Matt Mullenweg founded Automattic, the company behind WordPress and several famous plugins used in the CMS.

Also in 2005, the world saw the birth of, the version, to put it one way, which is easier to use than WordPress.

After this brief review of WordPress, let’s review its two variants.

best-blogging-platforms-for-beginners is the first of the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners.

It is the easiest WordPress platform to use; you just have to register with an email and you already have your space on the internet. WordPress will host your blog on its hosting servers and you will enjoy all the power of this platform. is ideal for people who are just starting out, want a blog, and have no technical knowledge.

Also, is free but if you want to have more themes to choose from and to have your own domain like and not, you will have to pay for an upgrade.

The prices for are:


In the free version your blog will have advertising, but the money from that advertising goes to WordPress. Just from the personal version you can have your own domain and help 24/7.

The premium version lets you play with the CSS and add the Google Analytics code to have data from your blog.

Creating a blog on

You just have to click on: Start Now

Write the name you have in mind for your blog and select free domain. select free domain

Now you have to choose a design for your blog. choose design

You will have 21 designs to choose from. Two of them will be Premium designs. 21 designs

Then you will have to pick a font pairing. pick a font

WordPress highlights the payment options, because it is a business and WordPress has to earn money. To do it for free just select the free option.

The writing page is very minimalist. With this, WordPress wants you to focus only on writing.


I recommend, the first of the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners, for those who are just starting out and want to take their first steps in the blogosphere. is an ideal platform of the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners for people in love with what WordPress offers and who do not want to invest money.

Do not doubt that will give you all the power of its platform to start your blog, gain followers, and create a community.

Many years ago, I had a blog on and I can tell you it is very complete, I hardly noticed the difference with

The only thing against it is that you cannot install Google Analytics, has its own measurement system, and you cannot install Plugins in the free version either. is a great option to get started in the world of blogging. is one of the three best blogging platforms for beginners., the second of the three best blogging platforms for beginners, is free, but to enjoy all its benefits and its great potential, it must be hosted in a hosting that is paid for monthly or annually. For example, this blog is hosted by Cloudways, and you also have to buy a domain for your blog, I bought the domain of this blog at Namecheap.

Once you have purchased the domain and hosting, installing WordPress on the server is easy. I bought the hosting for this blog on CloudWays because the installation was very easy. In just a few clicks, I already had the blog ready to use with the domain bought at Namecheap. has an advantage, as you can change it by entering the code, and you then have access to about 56,000 free plugins and 2,500 themes that are listed in the official repository.

That is to say, with, you will have a blog to which you can make all the changes you want, the website and the data is yours, you can earn money with the blog by being able to put on ads and you can put on Google Analytics for better management of the data.

If you do not have technical knowledge, you should not worry because the next post will be about how to configure your own blog with domain and hosting.

This is the WordPress interface with some plugins that I have put on the blog to make writing a post easier. It is like the interface of since they both come from the same software; the difference is that in, you can customize it your way, as I will show you in the next post. writing

Advantages of

  • Google-friendly: WordPress is designed to be fully indexed by Google. If you have good SEO on your blog, there will be no problems to make it appear in the first search places.
  • Designed to grow: As you or your business grows, your WordPress blog will grow with you. You just have to see that your blog hosting site can support a greater number of visits.
  • Plugins: Plugins are like small aids that you enter to your blog. There are plugins for everyone, especially for SEO, which helps a lot.
  • Themes: WordPress has free themes that can help you get started with your blog. And there are also specialized websites that sell premium themes that make your blog look more professional like mythemeshop.

The management and maintenance of the blog is your responsibility at

Blogger and are the only self-hosted blogs from the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners, that means they care about maintaining their hosting but do not backup the blogs.

Instead, with you are responsible for the management and maintenance of your blog.

That is why it is important to choose the right hosting service to help you do this maintenance.

The maintenance you will have to do is:


Many of the hosting companies offer backups as part of their service. Do backups every week so you can restore your blog in case something bad happens.

I recommend using Cloudways as a hosting service. They will regularly make backups of your blog.


The security of your blog is paramount. As is popular, it is the target of hackers. A recommended plugin for the security of your blog is Wordfence.

Software Updates:

You should keep your WordPress site, your chosen theme and plugins always in the latest version; otherwise your site will be exposed to security vulnerabilities.

I recommend that you use if you are serious about blogging because you will have to buy a domain and hosting, and that is an investment. is my favorite platform of the top 3 blogging platforms for beginners. gives me the flexibility I want to have in a blog, because I can choose the design theme I want to implement, it gives me the ease of working Search Engine Marketing (SEO) in the way I know I will get results.

And something very important in is the large number of plugins that exist and that allow me to improve the performance of the blog. is really a great platform if you want to take blogging seriously and monetize your blog.


This platform is the third of the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners.

And is one of the best blogging platforms, also known as Blogspot, started in 1999 and was founded by Pyra Labs and was later acquired by Google in 2003. Since 2006 they have hosted all Blogger blogs on Google‘s servers.


To start with Blogger, you need an email account, I would recommend a Gmail account to make the process faster.

After entering, you have to choose the name that you will call your blog and the domain that it will have.


And then choose the theme you like the most for your blog.

blogger thene

The platform is very minimalist because it’s only mission is that you create the best content.


The writing platform is very simple and you have all the elements to write an excellent post.


Within the platform, you can also see the statistics of each post and of your blog.


Why use blogger?

Blogger is a great option of the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners.

Mainly because your blog will be hosted on Google’s servers, and that is a significant advantage for SEO because the blog loading time is fast.

It is a great option because, you can change HTML and CSS, and because you can add the Google Analytics code, all for free.

If you want to add a personalized domain, you can buy it in Blogger itself.

Blogger, is a great option to monetize your blog if you don’t want to invest in a blog with

Also is a great option because by being able to make changes in HTML and CSS you can change the appearance of your blog, but you have to learn HTML and CSS and because you can place affiliate links in your post with no problem and also banners of the products you promote.

Placing a space for Google advertising through Adsense is easy just with a couple of clicks.

I know several people who, having their blog on Blogger, have earned money by advertising Google’s Adsense.

Those people who dedicate themselves to writing quality content and have organic traffic to their blog, have earned money thanks to Google’s Adsense and they are paid on time every month.

This platform is a great option because if you know some HTML and CSS, or are interested in learning, this platform allows you to make slight changes to the code.

And finally  is a great option if you do not want to invest money but want to make money from a blog.

The final verdict on the best blogging platforms for beginners 

I have shown you the 3 best blogging platforms for beginners that exist.

It is difficult to choose one of the 3 blogging platforms for beginners, for this you must think about which platform will best suit your needs.
Software PlatformFreeFreeFree
Hosting IncludedYesYesNeed to buy hosting.
Do you need a domain?NoNoYes
SetupOne ClickOne ClickYou need to install the software for your own hosting.
CustomizationLimitedLimitedYou have total control.

Advantages of Blogger and

I will make a final veredict on both platforms because Blogger and provide the same service.

Both platforms are hosted in the cloud.

Both platforms are free.

The setup of both is easy, it is only necessary to have an account.

Maintenance falls on the platform.

You need not buy a domain.

Blogger and limitations

They limit customization. Both platforms have a few free themes.

By not having control over the hosting they can close your account if they think you have committed a fault and all your content disappears automatically.

Advantages of

It is fully customizable because you have access to the code and because there are many themes, both free and paid, so you can choose.

It is Google friendly.

There are a substantial amount of Plugins to improve your blog.

Disadvantages of Wordpress.

To install, you have to buy a domain and a host.

You have to take care of its maintenance and update.

Last conclusions for the best blogging platforms for beginners

If you want to start in the world of blogging without spending money, you have 2 best blogging platforms for beginners to choose from right now. I recommend choosing between Blogger and because these platforms give you what you need for free.

If you want to take blogging more seriously and invest in hosting and a domain, is the best option for you.

I would personally recommend starting a blog on because you will have the opportunity to customize your blog the way you want it.

Believe me, having a blog is exciting. You never stop learning.

You can learn all about blogging by visiting: How to start a blog: A great and practical beginner’s guide.

General FAQs

What is the best blogging platform for beginners?

It is difficult to choose just one. The best blogging platforms for beginners are: Blogger, and

What’s the best platform for blogging?

The best blogging platform is It is the platform that allows for the best customization on a blog.

What is the best site to start a blog for free?

The best sites to start a blog for free are Blogger and

What is a CMS?

CMS comes from the acronym Content Management System. CMS is a software that is used to create, manage and change content on a web page without having to know programming code.

How do bloggers get paid?

A quick way to monetize your blog is by placing advertisements on your site. For this you must have a blog on Blogger or, and a Google Adsense account.