How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Blog (2021)

Whether or not it’s possible to do affiliate marketing without a blog is a common question that I will answer in this post. I still think that a blog is necessary to do affiliate marketing, but it can be done without a blog.

I know that many people, including you and I, want to be a successful affiliate marketer. For that reason, we investigate to learn how and we find out that we need a blog.

That is the reason why this blog exists and why I post a new article every single week.

But the question remains: Can I do affiliate marketing without a blog or website? And if so, how do I do affiliate marketing without a blog?

After reading several articles and books, I can say that affiliate marketing without a blog or website is possible. However, it is not my favorite choice.

Let’s see what you need to know to do affiliate marketing without a blog.

the technology savvy How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Blog
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How to do affiliate marketing without a blog

You only need one thing to do affiliate marketing without a blog and that is have a landing page.

What is a landing page?

According to Mailchimp, a landing page is: A standalone web page that potential customers can “land” on when they click through from an email, ad, or other digital location. A landing page aims to capture information from contacts in exchange for something of value, such as a retail offer code or business-to-business (B2B) insights in the form of a white paper. Landing pages are different from other web pages in that they don’t live in the evergreen navigation of a website. They serve a specific purpose in a specific moment of an advertising campaign to a target audience.

You will need a landing page for two reasons:

  • You need a page to capture emails.
  • Google and Facebook don’t like affiliate pages acting as landing pages on their ads.

If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing without a blog, you will need to create a landing page that has one goal: getting the email addresses of its visitors.

If you get the email addresses of visitors to your landing page, you will have an email list.

Getting visitors’ email is important because sometimes they won’t buy the product you promote straight away.

So if you have their emails, you can create an email automation that sends emails to the potential buyers with information of the benefits of buying the product to incentivize them.

You may think: “Ok, I can get a blog for free, but a landing page?”

Let me tell you that you can also get a landing page for free, but you can choose to pay for a landing page as well.

Also, you have to remember that you do not need to be a developer or a web designer to create a landing page.

On the internet, you have powerful tools to create a landing page.

Before showing you the options for creating a landing page, let me remind you that you will need a domain name.

This will help you with your brand and will also help you with the promotion of your product.


MailerLite is a free email marketing software, but also gives you the possibility of having a landing page or multiple landing pages.

I like MailerLite because with this tool you can have a web page, a blog, an email software or a landing page for free.

the technology savvy landing pages mailerlite

MailerLite gives you forty-two ready to use landing pages that you can use or adapt to your needs.

To use all the tools that MailerLite gives you, I recommend, once again, that you have a domain name.

Because after a user gives you their email, you can send an email automatically to that person. It will look more professional if you have a domain name for that and not a


Another more pro version for landing pages is ClickFunnels. This is a paid option that costs $99 per month.

thetechnologysavvy clickfunnels

If you want to create funnels with landing pages, this is the best option right now.

You can learn more about funnel hacking by reading this post: DotCom Secrets Review: The Definitive Guide to Funnel Hacking.

As you can see, it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a blog.

The promotion of your landing page

Doing affiliate marketing without a blog slightly disadvantages your SEO.

This is because it is not a blog, and you cannot update the content as fast as a blog.

A good way to promote your blog is by using social media.

Social Media

The only problem here is that you need an audience and that takes time to build.

Right now, the only social media platform that helps to create an audience fast is TikTok, but you need to focus only on creating good content for TikTok.

If you are new to TikTok, you need to upload between 4 and 6 videos daily, and the videos must be from 9 to 11 seconds.

To do that, you need to follow the TikTok trends, because those videos already have an audience.

Another platform that can help you is Instagram. Instagram now has Reel to compete with TikTok.

To be successful with Reels, you need to upload at least 7 reels per week and use relevant hashtags.

As you can see, until this point it has been possible to do affiliate marketing without a blog, but the difficult part is driving traffic to the landing page.

One problem I find on Instagram and TikTok is that if you place a link in the description of a video, it isn’t clickable. For that reason, you have to say in your video: Link in bio.

In your bio, you must put the link to your landing page.

At this point, you now know that you will have to work hard on social media to drive traffic to your landing page.


Yes, forums can help, but as on social media you need to work on it.

Why? Because when you enter a forum, nobody knows you. You have to create a “brand” for yourself.

This is useful because in a forum you have to comment, and if you write good comments the participants will come to know you and respect you.

With that, you gain authority and the participants will notice you.

This is important because if you are going to put a link to your landing page, the participants need to know that it is for the good of that community.

The people will only click on your link if you are trustworthy.

You must remember that there are hundreds like you, droppings links everywhere. Most of the time, that practice is banned in the forums.

But if you create a brand and if you are a valuable member of the community, people will click on your link.

As you can see, it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a blog.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you are a shy person, this may not be your favorite option, but having a YouTube channel is a good option to drive traffic to your landing page.

Before starting a YouTube channel, you need to strongly focus on your niche. This is important to start gaining visibility and views.

YouTube loves it when you upload at least one video per week; this lets its algorithm know what audience you are looking for.

It will take some time before you reach your desired audience, but trust me, having a YouTube channel works.

Doing affiliate marketing without a blog is possible, but as you can see, it takes hard work.

Social Media Advertising

The fastest way to drive traffic to your landing page is by paying for ads.

It is normal to do advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your landing page, but right now it is not cheap.

Every year the cost per click (CPC) is more expensive than the year before. For that reason, every year the strategy for having a low CPC changes.

My recommendation is that you have at least 1000 emails from your desired niche so you can do lookalike audiences. Your CPC will be low with lookalike audiences.

If you want to have 1000 emails for your social media advertising campaign, you need to read this post: The Best Instagram Email Extractor: ProfileBud Review.

Google Ads

Google Ads is another option to drive traffic to your landing page very fast. But you have to pick your keywords very carefully.

Is it possible to do affiliate marketing without a blog?

The answer is yes. As you can see, you have good options for getting a landing page to promote your products or services, and many ways to drive traffic to your landing page.

My recommendation is still that you need a blog to do affiliate marketing, but a landing page is also a good option.