Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers: Make Money Blogging (2022)

In this post I am going to show you how to get started in affiliate marketing for bloggers. Doing affiliate marketing with your blog is a good way to monetize it and generate passive income.

If you have a blog and traffic, a good way to generate passive income is by doing affiliate marketing.

The reason for this is that you already have people who read your articles and trust you as an expert in your niche.

If you recommend a product or service related to your niche in your articles, the chances that people will click on that link and later buy that product are big.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Make Money Blogging
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Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Let’s start from the beginning so I can explain affiliate marketing for bloggers.

What is affiliate marketing?

Plain and simple: You promote another person’s product or service and if someone buys that product or service because of your promotion you get a commission.

For example, you may write an article about a WordPress plugin and say: Click here to buy it. If a person clicks on that link and buys the product you get a commission.

That is affiliate marketing for bloggers.

the technology savvy how affiliate program works

How does an affiliate program work?

A successful affiliate marketing program has three components that need each other to be successful.

  1. The product creator (seller)
  2. The affiliate (advertiser)
  3. The consumer

Let’s see this in detail in this post about affiliate marketing for bloggers.

The product creator (seller)

Every day new products come to the marketplace. Behind those products or services is a person or a team.

That person or that team has a role: They need to sell that product or service.

Maybe they don’t know how to market or advertise effectively, so to do that they launch an affiliate program.

By launching an affiliate program they will rely on the affiliates to do the marketing and advertising campaign.

The affiliate

The affiliates are you and me. A person who has a blog, social media channels and an email list. I mean, we already have all the elements needed to promote a product or a service in order to get commissions.

The job of the affiliate is to persuade people to buy the product or service. That is why we need to build rapport with our audience.

If we build rapport with our audience, it will be easy to persuade them and get commissions.

The consumer

I see the consumer as the most important part of this chain. The consumers decide if the affiliate gets a commission.

Like I said before, the goal of the affiliate is to persuade the consumer to buy the product or service.

For that reason, the consumer needs to trust the affiliate. The consumer trusts that the affiliate is promoting a good product, and that once they make the purchase, the product will not fail.

How do affiliate marketers get a commission?

I will tell you, in this post about affiliate marketing for bloggers, that you can make a commission in the following ways:

  • Pay per sale
  • Pay per lead
  • Pay per click

The most common one is pay per sale.

Pay per sale

To get a commission as an affiliate marketer you need people to click on your link and then buy the product or service. If that happens you get a commission.

This is the most common payment method because it’s found in almost every site that offers affiliate marketing for the promotion of its product.

The downside is that if you don’t have an email list you will need to invest in the promotion of the product.

Why be an affiliate marketer?

There are benefits to being an affiliate marketer.

Let’s see the most important ones in this affiliate marketing for bloggers post:

No customer support

You only have to focus on incentivizing people to click on the link that you promote.

Your job is to link the seller with the consumer. If something happens later, customer support will relay to the seller.

Passive income

For me this is the most important one. Doing affiliate marketing will make you money. The only thing you have to do is write a good review, promote your review and work on the SEO of your blog.

The goal is to make money while you sleep.

Work from home

I can say, in this article about affiliate marketing for bloggers, that you can start this as a side hustle. But once you start getting commissions regularly this could be your full time job, and you could work from home forever.

The best thing once you get steady commissions is that you can start thinking about another venture that you can do from home.


The only thing you need to have for affiliate marketing is a blog, and in this post I can show you how you can make one on the cloud: How to start a blog: A great and practical beginner’s guide.

For me, the only investment I had when starting with affiliate marketing was my blog. That is the reason why starting to do affiliate marketing is cost-effective.

The power of SEO

Google now rewards blogs with great content. You only have to learn the basics of SEO and create great content to get organic traffic.

For that, you can read this post: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Beginners

Finding the right products to promote on your blog

Now you have to find the right products to promote on your blog, lets talk about it in this post about affiliate marketing for bloggers.

If you are in the technology niche like myself, my recommendation is that you start writing reviews of hosting companies.

Almost every hosting company has an affiliate program and it is not complicated to sign up.

Hosting companies are the ones with big commissions, so writing a good review is very important.

A tip that I can give you for writing hosting reviews is to pay the hosting service for just one month, write the review, which can take you a week, and then just ask for a refund.

Remember that the best blogging topics are:

  • Health
  • Money
  • Relationships

To find products related to these topics, you can search in:


I think ClickBank is the most popular one. This site has a lot of categories you can choose from and is trusted by many affiliate marketers.

the technology savvy clickbank


This is another popular site. Most affiliate coaches recommend this site too.

If you don’t find the products you are looking for in ClickBank, you will find them here.


This is a good alternative and has some great products to promote. It’s trusted by many affiliates.

An important thing about affiliate marketing for bloggers is to choose the right products to promote.

A tip that can help with your SEO

When you look for a product and see the competition, you may feel that it will be impossible to rank your review.

The competition in affiliate marketing is hard, that is the truth, but let me tell you a little secret to rank your review in the first listing on Google.

There is a portal called MunchEye. In this portal, you can look for affiliate products that will be launched soon.

The products have basic information but there is enough to write a review on. The trick is to write a review of a product before it launches, so you will have a good chance of ranking number one on Google.

I tried it with one product, and I got the number one place on Google for the keyword, but once the date of the launch arrived the competition got harder. It is a good exercise to see how strong your blog is against the competition.

Tips for Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

If you want to be a successful blogger doing affiliate marketing, follow these tips:

Develop a rapport

If your audience doesn’t trust you they won’t click on the promotional link. Use social media to develop a rapport with your target audience. They need to know that you are an expert in your field.

Review products that give value to your audience

Do not review products just because. Find products that give your audience value. Products that help them solve their problems. If you do that you will help develop a rapport with your audience.

Use many sources to promote your products

One mistake I made as an affiliate was to only work on the SEO of my blog. I forgot about social media. For that reason, I am now building rapport on social media and that is helping with the organic traffic.

My recommendation is to work on two fronts: SEO and social media at the same time.

Final Words on Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers.

It is hard work being an affiliate marketer, but when you see all this hard work paying off, it is rewarding.

My recommendation is to focus on the SEO of your blog and build your rapport using social media. That is the secret.