Raul, the technology savvy

Let me introduce myself. I am Raul, The Technology Savvy. For the past 13 years I have been helping big companies achieve big results and earn lots of profits.

I have been working as a community manager, social media manager, digital marketing analyst and digital marketing coordinator. I will not lie to you, until now I could not take the big step of going to C-level but that is not important anymore.

Wow, I can see that I have worked in every digital marketing position but design.

Working for big brands like Nike, Johnny Walker, and Starbucks is very exciting. Every day, you can find a new challenge that teaches you new things in digital marketing and when you run paid campaigns on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, the level of adrenaline goes straight to the top. 

For me, digital marketing still is a very exciting field that changes every day, and that is amazing.

But since last year I have been asking myself: can I do more than just help big companies earn lots of profits?

All the knowledge accumulated in the last 12 years, I’ve never applied to myself. So, one day while watching some movie on Netflix I thought, what if I start a blog about digital marketing?

The Technology Savvy is my dream blog. Here you will find all my knowledge about Digital Marketing and Technology.