How to create a social media marketing plan to promote your business in 2022

Learning how to make a social media marketing plan to promote your business or blog is vital. In this post, you will learn a detailed step-by-step process of how to create your social media marketing plan.

You’ve worked hard to create a blog or page for your business, but the organic traffic is low. You understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is not immediate, but you need to make sales or generate leads to your business.

This is the moment when you need to use social media to promote your business to a new audience.

OK, I understand that the social media landscape is different than in years before; there are new tactics and strategies to take advantage of.

That’s why I’ll talk about how to create a social media marketing plan that gets leads and sales the organic, and the paid, way.


It’s because there are social media channels that are good for organic traffic, and there are other social media channels that are good for paid traffic.

But choosing the right social media platforms for your business is almost the last step of a social media marketing plan.

First, you need to know this.

Why is a social media marketing plan so important for your business?

According to There are now 4.20 billion social media users around the world. This figure has grown by 490 million over the past 12 months, delivering year-on-year growth of more than 13 percent. The number of social media users is now equivalent to more than 53 percent of the world’s total population.

Those are big numbers, and every year the number of people on social media increases.

Also, right now, we have to think about mobiles; social media content is now more than ever consumed on mobile devices. also says that: The company’s latest research finds that the typical global internet user now spends 3 hours and 39 minutes each day using the internet on their mobile phone, compared to a total of 3 hours and 24 minutes per day watching television.

I think that consuming video content on mobile devices will grow every year. That is why TikTok is the most downloaded app right now: TikTok overtakes Facebook as world’s most downloaded app.

Social media is a game changer every day. What’s trending now could change in less than a day.

That is the reason why a social media marketing plan is important.

A strategy has to be more powerful than the social media channels.

Imagine that a social media marketing plan is based only on Facebook. What would happen if Facebook was down for more than a day? It would be a wasted day for your business.

That is why a social media marketing plan has to be more than the platform itself.

How to create a social media marketing plan

OK, let’s look at how to create a social media marketing plan.

There are many ways to create a social media marketing plan. What I am going to teach you is my personal approach to it.

The target audience

Everything begins with this question:

Who is my target audience?

The reason for this is that, if you have a blog, you have an idea of your ideal audience; if you have a product, you have an idea of your ideal customer.

What you have to do is write down who you think your ideal customer is.

To do that, you can make a customer empathy map; to learn how to do this, you can read this post: Customer Empathy Map: How to Answer the 7 Questions.

You need to do this; a social media marketing plan has zero value if you do not know who your target audience is.

Define your goals

You have goals for your business, like for example: achieve 30 sales of X product this month.

You have to do the same with a social media marketing plan.

For example: I want 15 leads from social media platforms this month.

As you can see, these are S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Defining S.M.A.R.T. goals is very important.

Please always remember that S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Specific: The greatest possible specificity must be sought. Is the goal detailed enough so that someone else knows what you will do and how?

Measurable: What cannot be measured simply does not exist. You always have to set quantitative targets.

Achievable: Goals have to bring out the best in you. They have to be an ambitious yet possible challenge.

Relevant: Each of your goals should align with your values and larger, long-term goals.

Timely: You must be clear with the time assigned to each goal, as well as develop a timeline where the different sub-goals or stages are marked to reach the goal.

An objective is to set a goal that we want to achieve. To achieve that goal, first we must put it on paper, and second, we must define how we will do it.

It’s important to differentiate between a desire and a goal. This is a key point in this post about how to be a social media manager for a small business.

A desire is: I want to open a women’s clothing store.

A goal is: I will open a clothing store on the third block of Wall Street in the first quarter of 2021.

The goals must be measurable and concrete to follow up. Where possible, link them to a business objective.

Once you have your goals, then you can think about your strategy.

A social media marketing plan has to have Goals.


Strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position that involves a set of different activities.

Strategic positioning can be based on:

  • A variety of products
  • Customer needs
  • Accessibility

A strategy consists of making trade-offs (losing a certain quality in exchange for gaining another quality) when competing. The essence is choosing what will not be done.

You must understand, that strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position that involves a set of different activities.

Developing a strategy involves understanding the industry you are in, the macro factors, the competition, and above all, the place you want to reach.

Defining a strategy is both a science and an art.

A social media marketing plan needs a strategy


These are the concrete actions that you must carry out to achieve your goals.

For example:

  • Participate in a fair to publicize the brand or products.
  • Advertise on Facebook and Google.
  • Develop a web page.

As you can see, when starting a strategy you must first transform your wishes into concrete and measurable goals, and then think of a strategy and the tactical actions that will lead you to achieving those goals.

A social media marketing plan needs clears tactics

Remember to have in mind your consumer when you create your strategy.

the technology savvy goals, strategy, tactics template

Creating a content matrix

Now that you have your goals and strategy, you need to create a content matrix. This means you need to find the topic for your content on social media.

Give the brand a persona     

If you want your social media marketing plan to be a success, you have to give the brand a persona.

You may be thinking, what does it mean to give the brand a persona?

It is to give your brand a personality.

Brand personality: if the company were a person, what would they be like? Describe their gender, age, attitude (cheerful, serious, proactive, thoughtful, etc.), dress code, lifestyle etc.

Let me explain this with an example. When I was the community manager for Nike in Peru, the company gave me a brand book to get to know who Nike is as a person.

From reading the brand book, I learned that Nike’s persona is a young boy in his mid-20s. Nike has a friendly character and likes to have many friends. Nike is the soul of the party, but above all, Nike is cool and inspires other people to achieve their goals.

You have to be very careful that the brand personality of the company is not your own personality. That could be a rookie mistake.

Why does the brand need a personality?

The reason for it is that it helps you find the voice of that brand.

For instance, what is the tone of voice, how does the brand speak on social media platforms?

If you are struggling with this part, think about your favorite brand. How does that brand speak to you on Instagram, on TikTok, on Facebook?

If you analyze the voice of your favorite brand on those platforms, you will see that it has the same brand personality, but a different tone of voice on each platform.

You have to achieve this for your own brand.

Get to know what your audience wants

You need to know what your audience wants.

You’ve already written a little story about your ideal customer. From that story, you should already know what your customer wants.

It is very important for you to get to know your customers, because social media is a two-way street.

You send information to your customers and your customers give you feedback in the comments.

For that, you need to think about what interests your customers, and what they want to find on your social media channels, or what topics you think your customers would engage with.

Match your customers’ interests with what your brand wants to communicate

Your content plan needs to have two goals: creating brand awareness and selling your products.

To achieve this, you need to match your customers’ interests with what you want to communicate with your brand.

Let me explain this to you with the example of Nike:

the technology savvy match nike

As you can see, in one column I have the topics Nike wants to communicate, and in the other columns I have the customers’ needs. What you have to do is match them up.

The resulting list is your content plan.

The Brand Voice

Your brand voice defines the style of brand communication you have with your customers.

Your brand voice can be: informative, argumentative, colloquial, humorous, emotional etc.

So far, in this post about how to create a social media marketing plan, we have the brand personality and the topics for the content plan.

What you need to do is give your brand a voice by writing your content plan.

Let me give you an example with Nike.

It took three attempts to nail the Nike voice for Peru.

My first try was this: Running in the morning is good for your health.

That doesn’t sound like Nike.

My second try was this: Run in the morning, improve your health.

Nothing like Nike.

My third try was: Beat the sun, run in the mornings, improve your health, and exceed your goals. #justdoit

That sounds like Nike, and that was my starting point.

You have to do the same for your brand. Finding the voice of your brand is important.

Content Matrix

The content matrix is the order of topics to be talked about during the month.

For example, with the topics for Nike, I can do a content matrix like this:

the technology savvy content matrix

My way of thinking was:

  • Inspiration Mondays to start a good week.
  • Tips for sport on Wednesdays.
  • Products on Fridays to incentivize weekend shopping.
  • Sport events on Saturdays.

You don’t have to write content for every day of the week. Think strategically.

You can have this template here. Please make a copy to use it.

Choose The Right Social Media Channel

A common mistake for social media managers is to be on every social media channel.

Think strategically, and be where your customers are. For example, a younger audience would be on TikTok or Instagram. For a more general audience, Facebook is a good choice.

I will show you some numbers.

According to, Facebook has:

2.85 billion active users
2.75 billion active users on mobile.

According to emarketing, Instagram has:

1.074 billion+ active users

500 million+ daily active users.

And right now, according to businessofapps, TikTok has:

689 million users internationally (monthly).

Those are huge numbers.

You need to look at those numbers and think about where your brand or business has to be.

Once you know where your brand or business has to be, you can create content specifically for that social media platform.

Content Plan Development

Now it is time to write your content plan, according to the social media channel you are going to be on.

For example, I use this template to create my content:

the technology savvy content template


Day: Monday

Date: 7/12

Hour: 10:00 a.m.

Social media channel: Facebook

Copy: A new week to be closer to my goals

Picture: A runner on the street

Remember that creating content for Facebook is very different than creating content for Instagram.

Adapt the voice of the brand for each social media channel.

You can get a copy of this template here.

Also, you can read this post: How to start a blog and get followers?

As you can see a social media marketing plan is a key part for every business.

Measure your social media marketing plan

Now you have your goals and your content. Though, once you finally start putting content on your social media accounts, you will have to measure your numbers. A social media marketing plan has to evolve; for that to happen you need to know if your metrics are good.

For example, if your goal is to have leads, you need to measure how many leads you’re getting through social media.

If you’re not getting leads, you will have to change your social media strategy. A social media marketing plan has to help you get leads.


A social media marketing plan has to evolve; it’s not written on a stone. Remember, social media evolves too.

Today, TikTok is the king of social media, tomorrow, nobody knows.

Also, your customer will evolve, and you need to evolve along with your customer.

My recommendation is that you write a social media marketing plan, measure its results, and see what little changes you can make on the road.

It is the only way you will learn how to create a good social media marketing plan.

A social media marketing plan is vital for your business, because a social media marketing plan can help you with your sales or make your brand knows for more people.

Maybe a social media marketing plan will not give you leads right away but can make your brand popular.

You have to remember that a social media marketing plan is not magic, a social media marketing plan will not give you sales right away takes times and you need to be patient.

Patient is key to get results in any business, you need to have patient every business needs time to blossom and get sales and lead but a social media marketing plan will help to get leads and to make your brand knows for more people, just be patient.